Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Mr. Tony Robbins...........

Thank you for being you! I have been watching your videos on your different websites, listening to some of your audio clips but never actually purchased any of your programs.
I have wanted to many times in the past but clearly, i never wanted too bad enough and I guess deep down I just wasn't ready to know that I had within me the power to change my life by asking for help, seeking out the tools I needed, otherwise I would have made the purchase....

I always thought,
ya know, i can do this by just watching the freebies, listening to some clips etc....
Well, little did I know that I really needed more. But the past is the past and thats that, I am on my way now and thats the moment that matters!!!

Today I found myself back on your site and I am listening to one of your free audio clips which took me to a page where I could get a free product from you and only pay shipping.
Woweeeeeeee, i jumped at that chance and I am excited for it to arrive.

I would like to share something with you.
The name of my blog "Inspirational Air" was named this because I am always looking to breath inspirational air.
I have said many many times in my head and out loud to a few others that if I could just breath the same air as Tony Robbins my life would be exactly the way I want it too be.

So yes, I put alot of what i wanted on hold because I never knew when or if it would even be possible for me to be in the same room with you, to just breath that air.
(I was totally unaware that i actually had the power to change my life without breathing this air)

I know it may sound kooky but it made me feel good knowing that one day, maybe one day I could be breathing the same air as you.

Well my friend that day came and we weren't even in the same room.
Awhile back I watched a bit of a movie called "I Am" by Tom Shadyac.
In this movie (i forget who said it) there was a speaker who said the air we breath contains argon, a molecule that has been here since the beginning of time.
That we are breathing the same air as the dinosaurs once did, the same air as others all over the world.
HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS Mr. Robbins, I did it, I was breathing air that once filled your body with life.
What a blissful moment that was for me.

So you see, my life has been way better once learning this little tid bit of info and it made me feel like anything was possible.
I know I had the power to be whoever i wanted before that, but I didn't know that then, i waited for that moment that i could breath the same air as you.
I put everything i had into that belief.
that my life couldn't get better till i could breath your air.

It led me to other discoveries about my thinking, the negative programming i had most of my life.
The patterns and behaviors that didn't serve me any longer.
I am changing my life Mr. Robbins and I am so thankful to know that I have the power.

Just wanted to share that with ya bud!
For those of you who don't think you have the power to change your life, think about this for a moment.
I made a belief real for me, so much so that it held me back and that,
my friend,
tells me that what we want, what we truly want in life, we get.
I didn't want to get past any obstacles in my life, i was too busy thinking i couldn't until I breathed the same air as Tony Robbins.
Yes, I know, it sounds odd, but what about all the other beliefs that we make real and actually have no weight at all.
I can't do this until this happens, I can't have that cuz i don't have this, its all BULLSHIT!!!
I put so much of my life on hold because i truly believed i couldn't have a better life unless I had some of what Mr. Robbins had.
Don't get me wrong, i love watching the clips, listening to the audios but I didn't actually need to breath the same air as him, I didn't need to be him or compare myself to him in order for me to live a wonderful life.
I need to be me and I didn't allow myself to be me until I saw that clip in the movie "I Am". It woke me up in so many ways,  it was amazing.
Not just because I breathed the same air. It woke me up because I realized wow, I had this power all along and now its up to me to use it!!
 I would love to have all of his products and I know one day I will have them!!!

I want to learn Mr. Robbins all about you, learn your strategies, your tools etc....

We can have whatever we want, we can do whatever we want. I know this now. Doesn't mean I am not nervous or scared at times to move forward, I am. All it means is that our life is in our hands, we can have it all or we can stay stuck, its up to us to get the hexagon up and get living the life we always dreamed about!!!

Again, thank you Mr. Robbins for being you, for doing what you do so well!!!
I know one day I will be at one of your workshops/seminars and get to meet you.
What a day that will be, to see you up close and personal, to feel the energy you put out in a room.

The point here folks is this, we were born with the power to live our life by our own rules. Thats it, we don't need to be anyone else, we just need to be ourselves!!!


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Sibylle said...

It's wonderful to be inspired by wise people, isn't it? I love reading a book or going to a seminar and feeling myself set alight by someone who thinks like me, only lightyears ahead of me! My favourite inspiration has always been Stephen Covey - may he rest in peace.

Much love and blessings!
Sibylle from the Goddess Circle