Friday, July 20, 2012

gratitude fridays.......

Here we are, today is Friday and its a special day!

A beautiful friend of mine from does a wonderful thing called
"Gratitude Fridays". She invited me to do the same and every week we will share what we are grateful for in our lives.
If you feel called to do the same, please join us and share your gratitude list here, on her blog and/or on your own blog or any other place you feel called to share.

Today I am grateful for the floor beneath my feet. It provides me with a solid place to stand.
Today I am grateful for my hands and fingers as they allow me to write and communicate with other happy humans all around the world.
Today I am grateful to have the ablitiy to choose, choose my mood, my feelings, my activities and how I spend my time.
Today I am grateful I am here because today I am more me than yesterday..
(gosh, I wonder what lovely things will fill me up tomorrow)
Today I am grateful to love the me that I am, I am lovely, amazing, beautiful and radiant.
Today I am grateful!!!



Jenny said...

Im gonna do that on my blog too!

Lindsay Drya said...

Great list sweety! And so happy you're doing gratitude Fridays now! :)

Brittany said...

This is a lovely idea! Today I am grateful for my two strong lets that allowed me to take a breathtaking 9 mile hike in the Cascades.