Monday, July 30, 2012

gratitude friday (on monday)

So friday came and went last week and I forgot to post what i was grateful for.....
here goes it folks..........
Thursday I had a super class with all my gals at Oxygen for a Magnificent Mindset hosted by Elizabeth Sanchez at Blaze Success!
Gosh it was awesome!
I am working on my latest book and I am so grateful to be given the beautiful power that inspires me to write!
I am grateful for my class, my classmates and my teacher!
I am grateful for the learning and the experience is has brought into my life!
I am grateful for the glorious opportunity that has be given to me.
I have transitioned into my next phase of my lovely life and am now a Creative soul Coach!
Yeehaw! I am totally grateful for this career choice I have wanted for some time now.
I am grateful because I will be offering finger-painting workshops, crafting workshops and more to help women relieve stress, release their inner artist and release their inner child!
I will be helping women feel inspired to create the life they have always wanted to live!
Gosh, life is beautiful!!!
I am grateful for every breath I take because it allows me to live this wonderful life!!!
I am grateful, I am grateful, I am grateful!!!

until next time faboo friends,

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