Thursday, June 21, 2012

moving forward


When I write/post during my moon cycle sometimes things seem foggy to me and i keep reading over it and it makes sense, it doesn't make sense, then it does again........
 so here's the scoop.
I write and what comes out of me noggin, well that just it, its outta me noggin and if it calls and sings to you great, if not, that's great too!

I am changing things around here. Out with the old and in with the new. No more soapin business as it was not giving me joy like it once did.
I am doing the things that call to me. Its my duty to live up to my full potential as it is your as well.

We are here to live our best life, to do the things we love, to feel joy and experience all that we desire.
We are here to do what calls to us. We are here to shine our light and have, do and be all that we want.

I am all signed up for a faboo 7 week course with the amazing Elizabeth Sanchez. The course is called "Oxygen for a Magnificent Mindset"

I am so looking forward to this as it will help me get my business going and growing.

We all have unique gifts and talents that the world wants us to unleash.
We all have a purpose while we are here. The worlds wants you and I and to share those gifts so we can all learn and grow from each other.
You are filled with awesome stories, wisdom, tools and talents.
I know its my calling to help women find their truth.
To look inside and see themselves for who they really are.
No bullshit, nothing like we hear from the tv, radio, internet about how we are supposed to look like this, wear that, buy this so you can be happy crap.
Its all a bunch of shit, 
it is,
its marketing, they want you to spend money on superficial things.

No clothes, toys, pills are gonna make you happy, at least not for long anyway.
Sure its nice to get things, it is, don't get me wrong, but its a different kind of feeling, it brings you joy being able to buy a new outfit, take a trip etc..... but real happiness, true happiness comes from within, knowing who you are and feeling good about that is where happiness comes from.

And, the best part of all about being the person you were meant to be, is it can be rewarding on so many levels. 
First, you are happy, joyful and alive.
Next you share that with the world which gives others joy and helps them to find their happiness.
Then, you can live the life of your dreams because you know its up to you to make your life the way you want which means...........

You can have, do and be all that you want.
C'mon, is that juicy and yummy or what.
You can be the person you want,and you can make money from it too, how, sharing your gifts, sharing your wisdom, giving back to the world, all that good stuff.
You can make money helping others. When you help others and they pay you for your help, its a beautiful exchange of energy and it makes the world a wonderful place.
Everything is an exchange and we must value ourselves, our time and our work so we all feel good about helping and receiving.

You can do it honey, I know you can, be the person you were meant to be!!!
Use your gifts and talents, share them with the world however you are called to do so but never feel like you can't charge money for them, never feel like you have to give it all away or you are being selfish or greedy,

Money is a blessing that allows you to make better choices with things like,  where you live, what you do, what you eat, a reliable vehicle and more.

Having more money, making more money or even making money at all from your gifts is a wonderful thing and when others need your work, need your help, your guidance, your tools and wisdom, there will be a equal exchange of goodness.
You are valuable, you are worthy and you are allowed to earn a living with your talents.
You have permission to put a dollar value on your work.
You are so needed and wanted in this lifetime and the world wants you to come alive and spread your goodness!!!
Come on out play my dear!!!

until next time happy humans,

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