Wednesday, March 21, 2012

to sell or not to sell.........

Howdy peeps,

i gots me something i wanna share with ya today.

do you like selling your handmade goods, the products of another company you work for, your services, services of another?
Do you love it or do you dread it?

Its a funny biz, sales that is, its not what we think it is at all.

If you are saying, WHOA, wait a minute, I am not a sales person, I can not sell anything, not even to save my life. I would never want to be a sales person, I don't want to hear no or be rejected. Or I don't want to seem pushy and I will do whatever it takes to sell an item or product.

Its not like that at all.
Honey, if you think you are not a sales person, I am about to blow that belief to bits.

Honey, you were born a sales person, from the moment you popped your weeeeeeee head out, you started to sell, and you didn't even have to do a damn thing at that time.
You sold people on the idea that you are a beautiful baby girl/boy, that you could grow up to be and do whatever you dreamed of doing.

And, people bought it, people bought the idea that you are an amazing miracle. It worked, the art of sales was born.

As you get older you talk, laugh, cry, enjoy and spread your wings.

Momma put an outfit on you that you love, well............. you tell her that you love it, you sold her on the idea that your outfit is amazing and she was sold. She made the decision right then and there that you love those styles of clothing and from now on she was buying you that style.

Fast forward a weeeee bit, you go to the mall, get some new diggs, get your nose pierced, stop at the music shop, get your fav bands music and now you meet up with your friends.
they say, wow, that is cool music, who is that, you respond thats XYZ, man oh man, they are sooooooo good and cute too, I just love them. Your friend says well if you say its good I want me some of that music too, lets go to the music shop.
Sold and bought, right there, you sold your friend the idea that the music you loved she had to have too.

Every time you encounter another person, you already started selling things, from your clothes, your hair style, your shoes, your purse, your brief case, your car etc..... you are telling people hey i wear this and that, i drive this kinda car, i eat this kinda food and it gives them the chance to ask you about all those things, next its up to you and you share how much you love it, hate it, want it and need it, the other person makes a choice based on your idea.
Its that simple, really it is, you are already a sales person.

How many times have you said, oh my gosh i love this pizza, its so yummy, i go to XYZ's pizza place for the best pizza in town. Have you ever gone there, you should try it.

Why is it so easy for us to think we can't sell something, why do we make it hard on ourselves, we are already selling ideas, opinions, and products every time we make the claim we love or hate something.
People tell me they can't be a sale person and then go on to tell me they just ate at the best restaurant in town, (sales pitch right there), they tell me they can't sell squat and then tell me the love their new car, they can't sell any darn thing at all and begin to tell me they shop at the local XYZ clothing shop and get the best deals in town.

Sales isn't scary if you look at like that, you are already selling your ideas, opinions and items/products you enjoy using or don't enjoy using.

As weird as it is, sales still scare me a weeeeeeeeeeee bit too.
It appears it comes down to self esteem, confidence and the value we put into ourselves. Its easy to sell something we have no ties too.
And we make it hard when we want to sell something we believe in and we want someone to pay us money for that thing.
Its time we really look deep inside our souls, we are valuable, we deserve to have all we desire. If we are selling something we believe in, it shows, if someone wants it they will buy it, if they don't, its okay, you are gonna get no's from time to time.
Not everyone likes the local pizza place and you are not upset about it. Not everyone wants to wear the kind of clothes you like and you are not angry that they didn't buy your idea of what clothes are cool or not.
If you area hearing no, it means you are that much closer to yes's, they are coming your  way, don't give up and believe in yourself, it inspires others to see their inner light and be confident, pass it on honey, we all want to feel good about ourselves so the more people who do believe in themselves, the more people around them will believe in themselves too making this world well what i would like to call, "The happy place".

and for the record sweet pea, i am trying to sell you on the idea that we are already sales people, that being a sales person is as easy or hard as we make it.
Did I sell it, are you sold, are you buying my idea's?
If so, good for you, you are making your life easy, if not, well then I ask this of you honey, make your life easy, make your job easy, believe in you because you are a precious gift and you got what it takes honey to succeed in every area of your life!!

until next time faboo friends,

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