Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Luscious Life List

1. Make the damn list - Yipppppppppeeeeeeeeeeee DONE (its so woohoo ish when you can tick something off your list)
2. Create all kinds of art
3. Make a living from my creations.
4. Create a project that keeps on giving
5. Have a picnic at midnight.
6. Have my very own studio/sanctuary for creating goodies.
7. Be myself authentically all the time.
8. Design tshirts with my sayings and artwork and wear for all the world to see.
9. Sell my tshirts.
10. Keep adding to this list.
11. Check the list once a month to tick off the things I have completed.
12. Inspire others to live their greatest life.
13. Teach a class. (creativity and how to harness your inner artist)
14. Host a "release your inner goddess circle" (we share wisdom, stories etc...)
15. Hold a healing event.
16. Publish more books.
17. Travel to another country.
18. Vacation with my family.
19. Make yoga a part of my daily life.
20. Create a deck of inspirational cards.
21. Make a set of tarot/oracle cards.
22. Get my implants out.
23. Get a juicer.
24. Do the things on my life list in no particular order.
25. Get webcam or a laptop with a webcam.
26. Make video blogs.
27. Continue creating my Goddess Business Empire.
28. Always listen to what my body needs.
29. Feed my body radiant raw food.
30. Drink lots of nourishing water.
31. Never compare my life list or myself to others.
32. Know that during "burnout" it soon shall pass.
33. Create and sell my own set of super duper bubbly buttons.
34. Make a glorious wish for a stranger. DONE, thank you Sandra Magenta
35. Make love under the stars with my super hunky hubby.
36. Make wishing candles. (kinda like birthday cake candles, whenever you want to make a wish, you light it, make your wish and blow it out)
37. Let go of fear.
38. Take a healing crystal course with Hisbiscus Moon (aka Stephanie Moon from Goddess Circle)
39. Connect with more Goddesses from Goddess Circle
40. Get a pair of vibram fivefingers barefoot shoes
41. Send a design to Portland Pins
42. Make all my dreams come true.
43. Be a non smoker
44. Never be afraid to be me
45. Sponsor a charity event.
46. Host a giveaway.
47. Let go of guilt when I want to change the things on my life list. (working on this)
48. Support and encourage my husband when he runs for Mayor (okay so maybe this is a little wish boost for my hunky hubby)
49. Make $100,000.00 in 2012 from my creations
50. Be proud of me for getting halfway through my life list - DONE - Woohoo, I can tick this one off my list, Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
51. I am assuming my life list only has 100 things, hmmmmmmmmm, make life list longer (I can still leave the above one ticked off cuz the moment came before I knew my list would be longer, heheheeee)
52. Treat myself like a queen.
53. Create "make your dreams come true" ecourse
54. Host a blog giveaway with my goodies and goodies from other gorgeous goddesses
55. Drink a shot of wheatgrass.
56. Step inside a bookstore that sells rare and old books and buy a book.
57. Stop worrying about the period at the end of these sentences, seriously who gives a hoot, not me hahahahaha
58. Ask for help
59. Get more tattoo's
60. Wear something long, flowy, sparkley and see through ooooooooooo lala
61. Forgive myself and others no matter what
62. Make something all zenish and meditatey
63 One weekend a month have "who gives a fuck lets sit in nothingness and do whatever the hell we want" or quite possibly do that a little bit each day (for sanity purposes of course, hehehehehehe)
64. Write, blog, post about sex (more on that later)
65. Make a daily planner and offer it as a download to others
66. stop fussing and second guessing over the things i want to put on my list, its my list, its all good
67. Read "the red tent"
68. Make snow friends in the summer
69. exercise more
70. do the "reboot your life" challenge
71. have a "meeting" in a cafe about life
72. Make a vegan version of green goddess dressing
73. Make a vegan dessert
74. Get a spiral binding machine
75. Collect trinkets for 30 days and turn them into an art journal ( i did do this years ago but its something i want to do again)
76. Read the four agreements again
77. make a gratitude journal
78. Market "Messages from the heart" for the relay for life fundraiser
79. Pick one day every month to have a celebration with my family just because
80. get a pair of moccasins
81. make "its gonna be okay, its all gonna workout" talking device (when you press the button those words will be spoken)
82. Actually do the courses I sign up to take
83. Share this list on zeeeeeeee web right now. Doing, doing............ DONE!!! Yay!!!!!
84. Make the "permission project" a reality and offer it as an ecourse download. (working on this, yeeehaw)
85. Take a break from writing my life list (I can add to it whenever I want) Yeeeeeeeeehaw DONE
86. learn about life coaching
87. become a creativity coach (help women find their gifts and talents)
88. stop, take a breath in and release it out, relax, refresh and renew
89. finish my nutrition certification
90. get a dehydrator
91. reread my book "release your inner goddess"
92. hang up motivational and inspirational quotes
93. clear out the clutter
94. remember to smile (everything will always be ok)
95. get a head and foot board for our bed
96. turn passion into profit
97. Write a love letter to myself
98. Remember to be gentle on myself
99. watch the movie "I AM"
100. be proud of myself for the little things I do and the big things (there is good in all my accomplishments)
101. turn my life lessons into works of art to help those that seek out my guidance and support
102. earn a living doing what I love and making this a reality in 2012
103. find out what it is I really really really want
104. ask the question "what does this mean" when I think about things I want so I can turn them into actionable steps to take immediately
105. pay my bills on time
106. save money for our retirement
107. get a new car
108. help my hunky hubby get a harley
109.practice qigong at least once a week (practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation)
110. take another class at "The Gentle Spirit"
111. Make a gratitude journal
112. live in the moment
113. Revamp my soap business
115. Soapmaking classes (where, how, when and cost)
115. create an online magazine
116. start a weekly creative group (books, inspiration, money making, healing, wisdom etc.)


Sandra Magenta said...

Wow, what a great list! I'm afraid I'll have to steal some of your points. (Not your business ideas, of course.) Your list is so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing. And here is mine (in German and English): See you in the Circle :)

Maryann said...

thank you pretty lady, take what you need my dear!! I recently heard a great saying, (then altered to my liking of course, lol) if your message sounds like other people's messages, know that it is all good, it means that your message is so strong that it must be delivered by many!!! We never really can have the exact same thing going on anyway because we always put our own twist on it. And on that note, YOU are making #34 DONE!!!
I wish for you that your "2012 planner" be a huge success and you are granted all the prosperity, abundance, peace, health, wealth and happiness that you desire!!!!! Many blessings to you milady!!!
(technically you are not a stranger but I have permission to change my list to suit my needs, lol and who doesn't love completing a goal, yipeeeeeeee

Sandra Magenta said...

I just finished updating my own list. And I am so happy I could help you with #34 :D Great!! Thank you so much for your very kind words, Circle sister :) All the best for you too! Have a gorgeous gorgeous 2012!

Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

I thought I already gave a comment on this post, but it seems I forgot, woops!

Your list is soooo inspiring! (woops someone already said that hehe) I have some lists too but I really need to update them.
Do you have a limit of time on your list or do you take your whole life to accomplish it? :)

Maryann said...

awww thanks gal!!! Well thats is a good question, I didn't even think about a time limit or not, lol hmmmmmm, i guess my whole life but now it got me wonderin, maybe a time limit would help to accomplish these a bit sooner, i dunno.....
also, I got an email that you commented for the giveaway but it doesn't show up at the bottom of the post, very odd!!!