Monday, November 12, 2012


if i ain't writing, i feel wrecked!!!!! I dont know what the fuck happened but writing has gone out the window for about a month!!

Totally sucks! I love writing and i get in these funks where I dont write at all then i seem to piss and moan about it, WTF, I must push through this and write anyway!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dryada Journals: Gratitude Friday

Dryada Journals: Gratitude Friday: Come join me every Friday for a gratitude post. Share your smiles, peaks and sunshine. Maybe you wish to show pictures of what you did/see...

Sunday, October 14, 2012

lesson learned

never ask a question unless you are fully prepared for the answer!

Good great Sunday morning to you folks! Its another beautiful autumn day. Carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, baking apples, fall crafts with twigs and a nice fire for relaxing!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

yes its true, you have permission!

You have permission to feel however you want too.
You have permission to do whatever you want to do.
You have permission to laugh.
You have permission to cry.
You have permission to sing.
You have permission to dance,.
You have permission to love your body the way it is right now.
You have permission to love yourself this very moment.
You have permission to say yes.
You have permission to say no.
You have permission to say fuck off in any manner you choose.
You have permission to let go of things that cause  you pain, sadness and grief.
you have permission to say whatever you want,
You have permission to live your life by our rules.
You have permission to do your own thing.
You have permission to spend time alone in quiet.
You have permission to be alone and enjoy anything you choose.
You have permission to have a party just because.
You have permission to say WTF and forget all about it.
You have permission to want abundance.
You have permission to have abundance.
You have permission to be prosperous.
You have permission to earn as much money as you want.
You have permission to enjoy the money you earn.
You have permission to invest in yourself.
You have permission to fulfill your dreams.
You have permission to live your life's purpose.
You have permission to be you.
You have permission to create art.
You have permission to sell all the shit that has collected over the years in your house and turn it into cash.
You have permission to swear.
You have permission to dress how you like.
You have permission to sit and relax by the fire and just be.
You have permission to bitch.
You have permission to be in love with yourself.
You have permission to say "Fuck this, I am good enough"
You have permission.
You have permission.
You have permission.
You have permission.
You have permission.
Yes, its true, you have permission!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I am working on my newsletter and I am so excited about it. its looks awesome and I can't wait to send it off to you!!!
Feel free to click on over to the right and sign up for my latest newsletter or blog posts, sign up for 1 or sign up for both! its all good faboo friends!
New things have been added to my site, check it out here folks!!!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

on to the next one

I am doing it again. Writing up a storm, so much to say. I am excited about my latest book release  as well. (cover is pictured below)
this time though, yeppers, in need of an editor, a few too many errors that i didnt catch the hundreds of times i reread it. Its all good, shit happens eh!!!
Listening to Willies Roadhouse on Sirus Radio on the good old fashioned television. Lucky me they have been playing some yummy Johnny Cash, ooooooooooooooo,


Monday, September 10, 2012

OMG I am soaring.......

Hi folks,

I am sitting here in awe of my newest book release. I mean wowza!!!!
I just never imagined that one day I would be writing about my past and healing from it. I never would have guessed that I would have needed to hear the info I was writing.

I am so proud of my book, it has brought me tears, joy, happiness, laughter, sadness and healing.

I would love to hear your thoughts after reading so feel free to pop me a message!!!

until next time,

Monday, August 27, 2012

another heart rock

another heart rock, originally uploaded by maryannk.


robin, originally uploaded by maryannk.

look up

look up, originally uploaded by maryannk.

the hallway

the hallway, originally uploaded by maryannk.

shine down

shine down, originally uploaded by maryannk.


strollin, originally uploaded by maryannk.

walk on by

walk on by, originally uploaded by maryannk.

oh so glorious

oh so glorious, originally uploaded by maryannk.

a sky so pretty

a sky so pretty, originally uploaded by maryannk.

beauty is everywhere

beauty is everywhere, originally uploaded by maryannk.

use me regulary

use me regulary, originally uploaded by maryannk.

mother natures bath tub

mother natures bath tub, originally uploaded by maryannk.

going the distance

going the distance, originally uploaded by maryannk.

down by the water

down by the water, originally uploaded by maryannk.

up close

up close, originally uploaded by maryannk.


smile, originally uploaded by maryannk.


pears, originally uploaded by maryannk.


love, originally uploaded by maryannk.

oh so crunchy

oh so crunchy, originally uploaded by maryannk.

look and listen

look and listen, originally uploaded by maryannk.

dimmick park

dimmick park, originally uploaded by maryannk.

lovin the moon

lovin the moon, originally uploaded by maryannk.

make a wish

make a wish, originally uploaded by maryannk.

leaving the overlook

leaving the overlook, originally uploaded by maryannk.


overlook, originally uploaded by maryannk.


bamboo, originally uploaded by maryannk.

clear blue sky

clear blue sky, originally uploaded by maryannk.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

gratitude friday (on monday)

So friday came and went last week and I forgot to post what i was grateful for.....
here goes it folks..........
Thursday I had a super class with all my gals at Oxygen for a Magnificent Mindset hosted by Elizabeth Sanchez at Blaze Success!
Gosh it was awesome!
I am working on my latest book and I am so grateful to be given the beautiful power that inspires me to write!
I am grateful for my class, my classmates and my teacher!
I am grateful for the learning and the experience is has brought into my life!
I am grateful for the glorious opportunity that has be given to me.
I have transitioned into my next phase of my lovely life and am now a Creative soul Coach!
Yeehaw! I am totally grateful for this career choice I have wanted for some time now.
I am grateful because I will be offering finger-painting workshops, crafting workshops and more to help women relieve stress, release their inner artist and release their inner child!
I will be helping women feel inspired to create the life they have always wanted to live!
Gosh, life is beautiful!!!
I am grateful for every breath I take because it allows me to live this wonderful life!!!
I am grateful, I am grateful, I am grateful!!!

until next time faboo friends,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What a beautiful day it is today! The warm sun, a cool breeze, ahhhhhhhhh

Friday, July 20, 2012

gratitude fridays.......

Here we are, today is Friday and its a special day!

A beautiful friend of mine from does a wonderful thing called
"Gratitude Fridays". She invited me to do the same and every week we will share what we are grateful for in our lives.
If you feel called to do the same, please join us and share your gratitude list here, on her blog and/or on your own blog or any other place you feel called to share.

Today I am grateful for the floor beneath my feet. It provides me with a solid place to stand.
Today I am grateful for my hands and fingers as they allow me to write and communicate with other happy humans all around the world.
Today I am grateful to have the ablitiy to choose, choose my mood, my feelings, my activities and how I spend my time.
Today I am grateful I am here because today I am more me than yesterday..
(gosh, I wonder what lovely things will fill me up tomorrow)
Today I am grateful to love the me that I am, I am lovely, amazing, beautiful and radiant.
Today I am grateful!!!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear Mr. Tony Robbins...........

Thank you for being you! I have been watching your videos on your different websites, listening to some of your audio clips but never actually purchased any of your programs.
I have wanted to many times in the past but clearly, i never wanted too bad enough and I guess deep down I just wasn't ready to know that I had within me the power to change my life by asking for help, seeking out the tools I needed, otherwise I would have made the purchase....

I always thought,
ya know, i can do this by just watching the freebies, listening to some clips etc....
Well, little did I know that I really needed more. But the past is the past and thats that, I am on my way now and thats the moment that matters!!!

Today I found myself back on your site and I am listening to one of your free audio clips which took me to a page where I could get a free product from you and only pay shipping.
Woweeeeeeee, i jumped at that chance and I am excited for it to arrive.

I would like to share something with you.
The name of my blog "Inspirational Air" was named this because I am always looking to breath inspirational air.
I have said many many times in my head and out loud to a few others that if I could just breath the same air as Tony Robbins my life would be exactly the way I want it too be.

So yes, I put alot of what i wanted on hold because I never knew when or if it would even be possible for me to be in the same room with you, to just breath that air.
(I was totally unaware that i actually had the power to change my life without breathing this air)

I know it may sound kooky but it made me feel good knowing that one day, maybe one day I could be breathing the same air as you.

Well my friend that day came and we weren't even in the same room.
Awhile back I watched a bit of a movie called "I Am" by Tom Shadyac.
In this movie (i forget who said it) there was a speaker who said the air we breath contains argon, a molecule that has been here since the beginning of time.
That we are breathing the same air as the dinosaurs once did, the same air as others all over the world.
HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS Mr. Robbins, I did it, I was breathing air that once filled your body with life.
What a blissful moment that was for me.

So you see, my life has been way better once learning this little tid bit of info and it made me feel like anything was possible.
I know I had the power to be whoever i wanted before that, but I didn't know that then, i waited for that moment that i could breath the same air as you.
I put everything i had into that belief.
that my life couldn't get better till i could breath your air.

It led me to other discoveries about my thinking, the negative programming i had most of my life.
The patterns and behaviors that didn't serve me any longer.
I am changing my life Mr. Robbins and I am so thankful to know that I have the power.

Just wanted to share that with ya bud!
For those of you who don't think you have the power to change your life, think about this for a moment.
I made a belief real for me, so much so that it held me back and that,
my friend,
tells me that what we want, what we truly want in life, we get.
I didn't want to get past any obstacles in my life, i was too busy thinking i couldn't until I breathed the same air as Tony Robbins.
Yes, I know, it sounds odd, but what about all the other beliefs that we make real and actually have no weight at all.
I can't do this until this happens, I can't have that cuz i don't have this, its all BULLSHIT!!!
I put so much of my life on hold because i truly believed i couldn't have a better life unless I had some of what Mr. Robbins had.
Don't get me wrong, i love watching the clips, listening to the audios but I didn't actually need to breath the same air as him, I didn't need to be him or compare myself to him in order for me to live a wonderful life.
I need to be me and I didn't allow myself to be me until I saw that clip in the movie "I Am". It woke me up in so many ways,  it was amazing.
Not just because I breathed the same air. It woke me up because I realized wow, I had this power all along and now its up to me to use it!!
 I would love to have all of his products and I know one day I will have them!!!

I want to learn Mr. Robbins all about you, learn your strategies, your tools etc....

We can have whatever we want, we can do whatever we want. I know this now. Doesn't mean I am not nervous or scared at times to move forward, I am. All it means is that our life is in our hands, we can have it all or we can stay stuck, its up to us to get the hexagon up and get living the life we always dreamed about!!!

Again, thank you Mr. Robbins for being you, for doing what you do so well!!!
I know one day I will be at one of your workshops/seminars and get to meet you.
What a day that will be, to see you up close and personal, to feel the energy you put out in a room.

The point here folks is this, we were born with the power to live our life by our own rules. Thats it, we don't need to be anyone else, we just need to be ourselves!!!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Day One of Gratitude Journal,

I have made gratitude journals in the past but always on paper, journal books etc...
This time I want make it on my blog.
Today I am grateful for my computer as it gives me the opportunity to post my gratitude list on the web
Today I am grateful I can exercise as it makes my body feel energized and relaxed
Today I am grateful I have the power to manifest abundance
Today I am grateful to share this with you!!!

Until next time happy humans,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

moving forward


When I write/post during my moon cycle sometimes things seem foggy to me and i keep reading over it and it makes sense, it doesn't make sense, then it does again........
 so here's the scoop.
I write and what comes out of me noggin, well that just it, its outta me noggin and if it calls and sings to you great, if not, that's great too!

I am changing things around here. Out with the old and in with the new. No more soapin business as it was not giving me joy like it once did.
I am doing the things that call to me. Its my duty to live up to my full potential as it is your as well.

We are here to live our best life, to do the things we love, to feel joy and experience all that we desire.
We are here to do what calls to us. We are here to shine our light and have, do and be all that we want.

I am all signed up for a faboo 7 week course with the amazing Elizabeth Sanchez. The course is called "Oxygen for a Magnificent Mindset"

I am so looking forward to this as it will help me get my business going and growing.

We all have unique gifts and talents that the world wants us to unleash.
We all have a purpose while we are here. The worlds wants you and I and to share those gifts so we can all learn and grow from each other.
You are filled with awesome stories, wisdom, tools and talents.
I know its my calling to help women find their truth.
To look inside and see themselves for who they really are.
No bullshit, nothing like we hear from the tv, radio, internet about how we are supposed to look like this, wear that, buy this so you can be happy crap.
Its all a bunch of shit, 
it is,
its marketing, they want you to spend money on superficial things.

No clothes, toys, pills are gonna make you happy, at least not for long anyway.
Sure its nice to get things, it is, don't get me wrong, but its a different kind of feeling, it brings you joy being able to buy a new outfit, take a trip etc..... but real happiness, true happiness comes from within, knowing who you are and feeling good about that is where happiness comes from.

And, the best part of all about being the person you were meant to be, is it can be rewarding on so many levels. 
First, you are happy, joyful and alive.
Next you share that with the world which gives others joy and helps them to find their happiness.
Then, you can live the life of your dreams because you know its up to you to make your life the way you want which means...........

You can have, do and be all that you want.
C'mon, is that juicy and yummy or what.
You can be the person you want,and you can make money from it too, how, sharing your gifts, sharing your wisdom, giving back to the world, all that good stuff.
You can make money helping others. When you help others and they pay you for your help, its a beautiful exchange of energy and it makes the world a wonderful place.
Everything is an exchange and we must value ourselves, our time and our work so we all feel good about helping and receiving.

You can do it honey, I know you can, be the person you were meant to be!!!
Use your gifts and talents, share them with the world however you are called to do so but never feel like you can't charge money for them, never feel like you have to give it all away or you are being selfish or greedy,

Money is a blessing that allows you to make better choices with things like,  where you live, what you do, what you eat, a reliable vehicle and more.

Having more money, making more money or even making money at all from your gifts is a wonderful thing and when others need your work, need your help, your guidance, your tools and wisdom, there will be a equal exchange of goodness.
You are valuable, you are worthy and you are allowed to earn a living with your talents.
You have permission to put a dollar value on your work.
You are so needed and wanted in this lifetime and the world wants you to come alive and spread your goodness!!!
Come on out play my dear!!!

until next time happy humans,

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


right now i don't know who i am, i don't know where i am going and i don't know how i will get there.................
i have transformed myself in so many ways and yet still i must change and sometimes............ its scary, the now knowing whats going on, where i am being called to go, to do sometimes, even what i am being called to eat and drink.
there is something inside of me that says honey, its okay, you will be okay, the world will be okay, this is right, this is true and this is where you are supposed to be right now.

somedays in the very pit of my stomach it aches, i feel this aching, nauseating feeling of fear, failure, lack of courage, of being who i was, was a good thing, the question arises, why, why do i have to do this, why am i not allowed to stay this way???
and then, the answer, the answer that follows is, you must let go of who you were in order to become who you are and who you are meant to be.

well, thats pretty clear 'eh, it doesn't get any clearer than that.
so i must trust, trust in me and trust in the universe.

i am shedding old ways, shedding old skin, old thoughts and all things that have served me well in the past but they are of no use to me now.
i am feeling better about letting go of all the things that no longer serve me.
i am learning to say yes, yes to things that do serve me, yes to things i love and yes to opportunities that light me up.
i can get there from here, as can you, you too can get there from here.
i have chatted with others who are feeling these same things, that they are in the not knowing stages of their life too.
something is in the air, something is shifting and its shifting for the greater good of us all.
we are meant to be who we are, and this is good, good for me, good for you and good for all.

until next time happy humans,

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

to sell or not to sell.........

Howdy peeps,

i gots me something i wanna share with ya today.

do you like selling your handmade goods, the products of another company you work for, your services, services of another?
Do you love it or do you dread it?

Its a funny biz, sales that is, its not what we think it is at all.

If you are saying, WHOA, wait a minute, I am not a sales person, I can not sell anything, not even to save my life. I would never want to be a sales person, I don't want to hear no or be rejected. Or I don't want to seem pushy and I will do whatever it takes to sell an item or product.

Its not like that at all.
Honey, if you think you are not a sales person, I am about to blow that belief to bits.

Honey, you were born a sales person, from the moment you popped your weeeeeeee head out, you started to sell, and you didn't even have to do a damn thing at that time.
You sold people on the idea that you are a beautiful baby girl/boy, that you could grow up to be and do whatever you dreamed of doing.

And, people bought it, people bought the idea that you are an amazing miracle. It worked, the art of sales was born.

As you get older you talk, laugh, cry, enjoy and spread your wings.

Momma put an outfit on you that you love, well............. you tell her that you love it, you sold her on the idea that your outfit is amazing and she was sold. She made the decision right then and there that you love those styles of clothing and from now on she was buying you that style.

Fast forward a weeeee bit, you go to the mall, get some new diggs, get your nose pierced, stop at the music shop, get your fav bands music and now you meet up with your friends.
they say, wow, that is cool music, who is that, you respond thats XYZ, man oh man, they are sooooooo good and cute too, I just love them. Your friend says well if you say its good I want me some of that music too, lets go to the music shop.
Sold and bought, right there, you sold your friend the idea that the music you loved she had to have too.

Every time you encounter another person, you already started selling things, from your clothes, your hair style, your shoes, your purse, your brief case, your car etc..... you are telling people hey i wear this and that, i drive this kinda car, i eat this kinda food and it gives them the chance to ask you about all those things, next its up to you and you share how much you love it, hate it, want it and need it, the other person makes a choice based on your idea.
Its that simple, really it is, you are already a sales person.

How many times have you said, oh my gosh i love this pizza, its so yummy, i go to XYZ's pizza place for the best pizza in town. Have you ever gone there, you should try it.

Why is it so easy for us to think we can't sell something, why do we make it hard on ourselves, we are already selling ideas, opinions, and products every time we make the claim we love or hate something.
People tell me they can't be a sale person and then go on to tell me they just ate at the best restaurant in town, (sales pitch right there), they tell me they can't sell squat and then tell me the love their new car, they can't sell any darn thing at all and begin to tell me they shop at the local XYZ clothing shop and get the best deals in town.

Sales isn't scary if you look at like that, you are already selling your ideas, opinions and items/products you enjoy using or don't enjoy using.

As weird as it is, sales still scare me a weeeeeeeeeeee bit too.
It appears it comes down to self esteem, confidence and the value we put into ourselves. Its easy to sell something we have no ties too.
And we make it hard when we want to sell something we believe in and we want someone to pay us money for that thing.
Its time we really look deep inside our souls, we are valuable, we deserve to have all we desire. If we are selling something we believe in, it shows, if someone wants it they will buy it, if they don't, its okay, you are gonna get no's from time to time.
Not everyone likes the local pizza place and you are not upset about it. Not everyone wants to wear the kind of clothes you like and you are not angry that they didn't buy your idea of what clothes are cool or not.
If you area hearing no, it means you are that much closer to yes's, they are coming your  way, don't give up and believe in yourself, it inspires others to see their inner light and be confident, pass it on honey, we all want to feel good about ourselves so the more people who do believe in themselves, the more people around them will believe in themselves too making this world well what i would like to call, "The happy place".

and for the record sweet pea, i am trying to sell you on the idea that we are already sales people, that being a sales person is as easy or hard as we make it.
Did I sell it, are you sold, are you buying my idea's?
If so, good for you, you are making your life easy, if not, well then I ask this of you honey, make your life easy, make your job easy, believe in you because you are a precious gift and you got what it takes honey to succeed in every area of your life!!

until next time faboo friends,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

***the great giveaway***

Howdy peeps,

I have been thinking about all kinds of things lately, what to make, what to do, what to wear, where to go, etc..... you name it, i have been thinking about it.
Then it hit me, like a kabonk on the noggin.....

"hey Maryann, how about a giveaway, a great giveaway......... i thought hmmmmmmm, whats that about,
 and then the info came to me............ delivered with loving hands and a soft voice spoke to me......
"Maryann, give away your book, thats right, your latest creation "release your inner goddess", just plain ole give it away.

Okay, soooooooooooooooo how,
how shall i give it away............... on your blog sweet thing, thats what the voice whispered....... and in order for you to pick someone at random, ask them to comment on your blog,

okie dokie, I am cool with that, what should they comment about,the voice says.........., THEIR DREAMS!!!

(my thoughts) oh my gosh, this is juicy and full of yummy goodness.
Tell them to post about their dreams, put them out into the universe.
Ask them to comment here and tell the world what their dream is.... their dream life, what living their dream life would mean to them..........

alrighty, nuff said, time to get those dreams out into the wild.......

So thats it folks, if you want to be considered for "the great  giveaway" here is how you do it.

1. comment here telling us your dream
2. tell us how it would make you feel to live your dream life

then on March 7th, noon Eastern time I will choose a person at random and wooooooooohooooooooo, you will get a copy of my book, yippppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

get ready, get set, goooooooooooooooooooo.................

Friday, January 20, 2012

time to let go......................

Well we are all moved in to our new place, we are cleaning, painting, installing carpet and makin it all pretty and homey. Which leads me tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, time to let go of all the things that no longer serve me in my new place. Time to clear out items for unfinished projects, time to get rid of things that i was holding just in case. I can't do it anymore, tooooooo much stuff and it weighs me down soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its time to say goodbye to craft supplies, papers, beads, books, movies, clothes etc............... out with the old and in with the new, or shall i say in with less, YES, that sounds goooooooooooooood, in with less, I am going with less is more!!!!!!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Luscious Life List

1. Make the damn list - Yipppppppppeeeeeeeeeeee DONE (its so woohoo ish when you can tick something off your list)
2. Create all kinds of art
3. Make a living from my creations.
4. Create a project that keeps on giving
5. Have a picnic at midnight.
6. Have my very own studio/sanctuary for creating goodies.
7. Be myself authentically all the time.
8. Design tshirts with my sayings and artwork and wear for all the world to see.
9. Sell my tshirts.
10. Keep adding to this list.
11. Check the list once a month to tick off the things I have completed.
12. Inspire others to live their greatest life.
13. Teach a class. (creativity and how to harness your inner artist)
14. Host a "release your inner goddess circle" (we share wisdom, stories etc...)
15. Hold a healing event.
16. Publish more books.
17. Travel to another country.
18. Vacation with my family.
19. Make yoga a part of my daily life.
20. Create a deck of inspirational cards.
21. Make a set of tarot/oracle cards.
22. Get my implants out.
23. Get a juicer.
24. Do the things on my life list in no particular order.
25. Get webcam or a laptop with a webcam.
26. Make video blogs.
27. Continue creating my Goddess Business Empire.
28. Always listen to what my body needs.
29. Feed my body radiant raw food.
30. Drink lots of nourishing water.
31. Never compare my life list or myself to others.
32. Know that during "burnout" it soon shall pass.
33. Create and sell my own set of super duper bubbly buttons.
34. Make a glorious wish for a stranger. DONE, thank you Sandra Magenta
35. Make love under the stars with my super hunky hubby.
36. Make wishing candles. (kinda like birthday cake candles, whenever you want to make a wish, you light it, make your wish and blow it out)
37. Let go of fear.
38. Take a healing crystal course with Hisbiscus Moon (aka Stephanie Moon from Goddess Circle)
39. Connect with more Goddesses from Goddess Circle
40. Get a pair of vibram fivefingers barefoot shoes
41. Send a design to Portland Pins
42. Make all my dreams come true.
43. Be a non smoker
44. Never be afraid to be me
45. Sponsor a charity event.
46. Host a giveaway.
47. Let go of guilt when I want to change the things on my life list. (working on this)
48. Support and encourage my husband when he runs for Mayor (okay so maybe this is a little wish boost for my hunky hubby)
49. Make $100,000.00 in 2012 from my creations
50. Be proud of me for getting halfway through my life list - DONE - Woohoo, I can tick this one off my list, Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
51. I am assuming my life list only has 100 things, hmmmmmmmmm, make life list longer (I can still leave the above one ticked off cuz the moment came before I knew my list would be longer, heheheeee)
52. Treat myself like a queen.
53. Create "make your dreams come true" ecourse
54. Host a blog giveaway with my goodies and goodies from other gorgeous goddesses
55. Drink a shot of wheatgrass.
56. Step inside a bookstore that sells rare and old books and buy a book.
57. Stop worrying about the period at the end of these sentences, seriously who gives a hoot, not me hahahahaha
58. Ask for help
59. Get more tattoo's
60. Wear something long, flowy, sparkley and see through ooooooooooo lala
61. Forgive myself and others no matter what
62. Make something all zenish and meditatey
63 One weekend a month have "who gives a fuck lets sit in nothingness and do whatever the hell we want" or quite possibly do that a little bit each day (for sanity purposes of course, hehehehehehe)
64. Write, blog, post about sex (more on that later)
65. Make a daily planner and offer it as a download to others
66. stop fussing and second guessing over the things i want to put on my list, its my list, its all good
67. Read "the red tent"
68. Make snow friends in the summer
69. exercise more
70. do the "reboot your life" challenge
71. have a "meeting" in a cafe about life
72. Make a vegan version of green goddess dressing
73. Make a vegan dessert
74. Get a spiral binding machine
75. Collect trinkets for 30 days and turn them into an art journal ( i did do this years ago but its something i want to do again)
76. Read the four agreements again
77. make a gratitude journal
78. Market "Messages from the heart" for the relay for life fundraiser
79. Pick one day every month to have a celebration with my family just because
80. get a pair of moccasins
81. make "its gonna be okay, its all gonna workout" talking device (when you press the button those words will be spoken)
82. Actually do the courses I sign up to take
83. Share this list on zeeeeeeee web right now. Doing, doing............ DONE!!! Yay!!!!!
84. Make the "permission project" a reality and offer it as an ecourse download. (working on this, yeeehaw)
85. Take a break from writing my life list (I can add to it whenever I want) Yeeeeeeeeehaw DONE
86. learn about life coaching
87. become a creativity coach (help women find their gifts and talents)
88. stop, take a breath in and release it out, relax, refresh and renew
89. finish my nutrition certification
90. get a dehydrator
91. reread my book "release your inner goddess"
92. hang up motivational and inspirational quotes
93. clear out the clutter
94. remember to smile (everything will always be ok)
95. get a head and foot board for our bed
96. turn passion into profit
97. Write a love letter to myself
98. Remember to be gentle on myself
99. watch the movie "I AM"
100. be proud of myself for the little things I do and the big things (there is good in all my accomplishments)
101. turn my life lessons into works of art to help those that seek out my guidance and support
102. earn a living doing what I love and making this a reality in 2012
103. find out what it is I really really really want
104. ask the question "what does this mean" when I think about things I want so I can turn them into actionable steps to take immediately
105. pay my bills on time
106. save money for our retirement
107. get a new car
108. help my hunky hubby get a harley
109.practice qigong at least once a week (practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation)
110. take another class at "The Gentle Spirit"
111. Make a gratitude journal
112. live in the moment
113. Revamp my soap business
115. Soapmaking classes (where, how, when and cost)
115. create an online magazine
116. start a weekly creative group (books, inspiration, money making, healing, wisdom etc.)

Monday, January 9, 2012

give yourself...................

what you need today.
What is it your body, mind and soul is asking you to for?
Allow it, give yourself what you need today!!!!