Saturday, December 10, 2011

fear, the deadliest poison.....

i know it can't hurt me, i know its not real, so why am i afraid?
i know without a shadow of a doubt that we must learn from our mistakes, we must fail sometimes before we succeed.
i know i am the key to my success.

knowing all this and yet fear, the deadly poison creeps its way in, finds a tiny hole and lays its egg somewhere deep within my mind.
it incubates and festers, grows and builds upon itself waiting, waiting for just the right moment to hatch.
once it hatches, liquid spills out saturating my brain, covering it with lack, cant's and have not's, worthlessness, scarcity, judgments, harsh comments, messages from my inner critic telling me i am not good enough.

fear is the poison that slowly eats away at our soul, spreading toxin as it feeds on our weakness, but we do not need weakness, we do not need to feed the fear.
we can stop it, we can stop it dead in its tracks.
knowing this, why does it find its way in, fear is persistent, it wants to hold on, it will hang on tightly with its last breath unless WE are ready and willing to get rid of it.
I want the freedom of feeling fearless, how does one achieve this feeling, how does one go about their day without fear of the unknown?
its a learned behavior, its repeating thoughts and words that comfort you, that lift your spirits, that raise your vibration so you can believe in you, believe in your power, know that you are good enough, know that you have whatever it takes to live your dream life.
give in to your goodness, allow yourself permission to be released from fear.
only you can make this happen, no one can do this for you, absolutely no one can remove your fear, its up to you to cast it out of your mind.

writing is my salvation, it is what keeps me sane, what makes me feel whole, complete and alive.
don't get me wrong, my husband, my children, they are my life, they provide me with everything i could ever want, i love them with every ounce of my soul.

but writing, writing makes my stories, (true or not) come to life, it gives them purpose and feeling, it makes me feel good to let the words out, otherwise i go crazy with all the words jumping around in my head, bouncing back and forth, interrupting each other and before you know it, its as if it must be done, i have to write, if i don't, i see pictures in my mind of me poking the side of my head just to let some info out, i can feel my head swelling with so many thoughts and they have to come out, i can't think straight if they stay in, i can't feel good, i can't accomplish anything on my to do list, its a driving force that says honey, if you don't write, you are screwed, your day will be a mess, you will feel guilty for not following your heart, you will feel shame for doing things that do not serve you, you will feel sad for silencing your inner goddess.

with that i say, okie dokie pokey, write i will do, i want to feel happy.

so where does this fear come from, why was i given this feeling when i was a young child, why do we pass this on to our children, what makes us think its okay to push our fears onto those we love?
we do not have that right, we do not have permission to teach fear to others, its serves no one, no one benefits from fear.
i am not at all saying do not be cautious, by all means baby, use caution, but its different.
for example, i am afraid of driving, not all the time, but there are times when it wants me to be afraid to drive.
if i allow this fear to win, then i go nowhere without someone else driving.
it starts out like this:
i do not want to drive, what happens if i get into an accident, what happens if i get lost, what happens if i do not get in the right lane, what happens if the car breaks down?
okay, thats it in a nutshell.
lets answer those questions,
if i know the road rules, if i follow the road rules, thats all i can do, that doesn't mean someone else wont follow the road rules, it just means i will, therefor i may or may not get into an accident but thinking i might just may be the ticket to keeping me from driving, and how fair is that, is it fair of me to rob myself the freedom of getting in a car and going somewhere, nope, its not.

Fear gets in our way and holds us back. We can't allow this to keep us from living our souls purpose its time my friends to take our power back!!!!!!
Positive thoughts, affirmations, writing, creating art, meditating, therapy, counseling, whatever it takes deary to get rid of fear is what needs to be done, we want to live our life to the fullest!!!  CHECK BACK later for ecourses and more on how to "get rid of fear and keep it out"

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