Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it seems the cursing does not want to stop

fuckers, fuckers, fuckers, bwah hahahahahaha
I am feelin a bit out of whack still, its been going on since this morning, eeeeeeeeeeeee gads, fooey and cowabunga, its all good, I know this, but for some reason, inner guide, says, fuckers like a thousand times today. yeah, shit and damn, and prick also come to mind, so thats it folks, I am naming my inner guide, hmmmmmmmmm, what shall her name be: Venus, its what my mother was going to name me so hey, it fits.
So from now on, most of what I write, well it will be the words and wisdom from Venus!!!

Yay, now I gotta get me a cup of joe, later baby.

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