Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am woman, hear me raw............................

I know, you thought it would say I am woman, hear me roar, nopers, its raw.
Why, because my writing is from my womanly perspective and its raw, straight from my core, no holds barred. No cleaning it up, no sugar coating it, its my words how they run through my mind and flow onto paper.

The only way I feel free is to let it out, how I feel, what I see, how it affects me, how it changes me, makes me grow, learning from it, all the juicy good stuff that makes me who I am. If you like it, good, if you don't, thats good too, we don't all want to agree, that would be quite boring.

Most of all, my writing helps me, and my hope is that it helps you too, whatever it is you need from it, whether it be to read it and find your own path or the meaning of something, etc.... but maybe it will help you by saying, no way, I am outta here, where is the delete key, its all good because if you need it or don't need it then my mission is complete, it helped you in some way.
Whether you sit back and enjoy this blog or run for the hills to find something else, its all good darling!

So what do we talk about now, whats on my mind?

One thing that is on my mind today is....................
Whats on your mind honey?
What are doing today?
What makes you tick?
What makes you come alive and light your fire?

Oh please do tell, share with me your hopes and dreams, your goals and desires, tell me so I can enjoy your words, thoughts, prayers etc.......... I want to read all about your beautiful gorgeous life, your succulent stories of excitement and joy, oh the suspense my dear is killing me, please do tell.................................

While I am waiting for you to spill your sexy words onto my virtual paper, I will continue writing for me.................

and there she sat, across the room, waiting, wanting, imagining what may happen when she sees it, when she feels it, when she tastes it as it brushes across her lips, when it pulses through her body, when her bones are rich with desire for the very essence of his soul...... (wow, that seems a bit racy, lol)
(oh well, I am going with it)

she wants him, she wants him like no other, to taste him, to feel his body against hers and to know that he wants her too, it is what she ached for, the longing for him to hold and caress her is over.

he is next to her, her flesh against his, their heart's beating as one, the scent of their essence as it fills the air and transforms the moment into heated passion.

the sweat that drips from their naked bodies, their mouths open wanting to kiss.
but the kissing stops, something happens as the moments pass and everything is heightened, the sensitivity becomes so intense and she wants it, she hungers for it like never before, its euphoric, the bliss that enters her mind as she imagines what she may do next.......
and then it happens, she grabs his head, slowly turns to expose his neck and without another thought, she bites, his body in a frenzy as he moans and gives her that which she ached for, that which she craved for so long, she drinks, it pulsates and throbs as it fills her soul, she feasts upon his being as it satisfies her hunger, he claws her back, she pulls her head back to let out a groan, a groan so deep from within its as if she felt ecstasy flow through her veins.

so, thats what was just running through my mind, and that my friend is how a vampire does it, just like that!

so sometimes I write about things I experience, other times I write what others may call fiction, but is it, is it fiction, perhaps it is, perhaps it isn't, maybe just maybe in my past life I was a vampire, or maybe I just like to think so or maybe, just maybe its my imagination and all in my head. I may never know whether the above story is true or not.................................

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