Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I just experienced the most beautiful and terrifying moment.

I went into my bedroom to get dressed after my shower. My stomach was hurting and I felt nauseous.
I got dressed and figured it will pass.
I was brushing my teeth and all of a sudden I felt the urge to vomit (now this happens sometimes because I have post nasal drip often and it gags me while brusing my teeth, I know, its probably more info than you wanted, lol ) since I had felt like this before I thought nothing of it until.....................
I could no longer brush my teeth and began to vomit, retching like never before.
As this was happening I heard tis little voice say its okay, go with it, relax and breath through this, of course I thought, holy cow, now is not the time to go crazy, then................

I started to feel better eventhough I was still vomiting.
Again, I hear this little voice say, "let the healing begin",
c'mon really I am thinking, what is going on, let the healing begin, seriously, now what is going on here????
So many questios I was pondering and it hit me,
this is it, this is the AHA moment I was waiting for, I immediately felt free, lighter, (less weighted down) and relieved.

I was in awe of this feeling, the light that poured into my body was amazing, it was totally comforting and then I kept hearing this little voice speak to me.

It was saying, see Maryann, thats it, thats all you had to do, you needed to let the poison out completely, anger, sadness and all the fear had to go, I tried so many ways for you to see this and yet you didn't, I figured well, perhaps she actually needs to physically let out the toxic energy that was poisoning her with an action she is familiar with. (and really, we have all vomited before, lol so if ya ask me, that little voice was onto something here)

And it worked says the little voice, it worked, you finally are free, you let it out Maryann.
Now you can shhhhine your light all the time, now you can fill your souls purpose and learn, grow, prosper and share your unique gifts and talents with the world!!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha, I feel so good, incredible, fantastic, elated and FREE to be me!!!!

I am still blown away by this, lol I am telling ya, its like every cell in my body is alive, awake and tingly and all feeling happy and full of love!!!!

until next time happy humans,

love and kisses,
sparkles and glitter,
cuddles and hugs,

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