Thursday, August 11, 2011

to write everyday.....

whether alittle or alot, its happening!

first things first, uggggggggggg, funerals suck!!

which leads me to,
"things that are not my friends"

teeny tiny sharp thingy's unseen to the naked eye, left on the floor for bare feet to find.

cat vomit mysteriously appearing and strategically placed on the floor only to be found in the middle of the night once it has been stepped on.

effin fleas, man, is there anything worse, do not come into my house, stay off of my animals, go back to where you came from, NOOOOOOO, I am not kidding, you are not welcome here thank you very much! ( i mean seriously, did you really think you could hop on my dog, take up residence and stay here, bye bye sucka)

thousand legger creepy crawlers that think it is completely okay to scurry across the floor, ummmmmm nooooooooo, marvin k mooney, please go home!!!

EMPTY TOILET PAPER ROLLS! C'mon, really, are you effin kiddin me, you are just gonna sit there all cardboardy and not refill, I mean what the hell, ya know, if you keep doing this to me, sooner or later cardboard, i just might use you and then what, huh, then what, your not gonna be all cozy and nice sitting in the garbage can all clean and dry, yeah, what do you think of that???

okay, sooooooooo, things are are my friends, well,
all the things that don't irritate me, and on this day, its lookin kinda like I might have to revise this list!!!!

until next time happy humans,
big love to ya!

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