Monday, April 18, 2011

writing, reading and everything in between

i am still working on my book, its getting there but at times i stop, i stop writing because that little demon that tells me its not the right time holds me back!
who am i to say if its the right time, i mean it feels right but the inner critic disagrees.

plus, the fear of releasing this info out into the word just scares me, do i share this info for others to read and judge, to say hey wait a minute, why would you tell this story???

how do i share a story with the world without that fear???

answer: ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, i don't know!!!!

soooooooo, that leads me tooooo, i just gotta do it, thats it, bottom line, finish it, finish writing it maryann, then publish and release!

phew, that was easy, back to the book my friends!!!


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