Monday, April 18, 2011

writing, reading and everything in between

i am still working on my book, its getting there but at times i stop, i stop writing because that little demon that tells me its not the right time holds me back!
who am i to say if its the right time, i mean it feels right but the inner critic disagrees.

plus, the fear of releasing this info out into the word just scares me, do i share this info for others to read and judge, to say hey wait a minute, why would you tell this story???

how do i share a story with the world without that fear???

answer: ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, i don't know!!!!

soooooooo, that leads me tooooo, i just gotta do it, thats it, bottom line, finish it, finish writing it maryann, then publish and release!

phew, that was easy, back to the book my friends!!!


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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!

Howdy pretty people,

today is a glorious day
today is absolutely perfect
today is precious
today is right now
today will be gone tomorrow
today you matter
today you can make a difference
today you can save a life
today you can make someone smile
today you can transform
today you are living your dream life
today you are beautiful
today you are doing your best
today is the day to forgive
today is the day to love
today is the day for all things possible
today is the day your dreams come true
today is the day you live your life to the fullest
today is the day that you own your truth
today will never happen again
so make today count

live in the moment, live in peace, live in love and most of all, live in happiness.

toot a loooooooooooooooooooooo faboo friends!!!
I hope you are filled with oodles of beary big love!!!


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