Monday, March 7, 2011

the post with no title (at least the one that my inner critic didn't like)

writing it all down.....

first, bra's should be against the law, I mean really, they are uncomfortable, restricting, binding and just plain 'ole not so fun to wear.

second, today I feel angry, angry that things are not going my way for the last few days.
The things I want have yet to be found, which causes me to be impatient, yet another feeling which causes unrest.

damn those uneasy feelings anyway, what good are they, what purpose do they serve if they seem to hold us back, keep us from achieving all the we desire.

but its not always the case, sometimes anger helps us to forge forward and make changes, other times it causes us to stay stuck and stuck is where I am at for the past few days.

I suppose its a habit, learning that way of life throughout most of my life, seeing that pattern repeated more than I care to have had growing up.

However, this is a "no excuses" kind of day.
I can not blame anyone for my feelings, I always have a choice, its up to me to feel good, to find my strengths and and strengthen them to help me through my days.

its up to me to find the peace, happiness and love that exists in the world.

and it does exist, its everywhere, but I realized I chose to only see the things that caused me to feel distress because for some crazy damn reason, its a comfort, gosh that sounds so out of whack, finding comfort in misery but its true.

we often do this, its easy to stay stuck, its easy to feel sorry for ourselves, its easy to blame.

yet, we claim we don't like it, bullshit, we do, we do like it, otherwise we would do something else!!!!

so now its time for forgiveness, time to forgive the part that tries to hold on, and it seems like its clinging on for dear life with that last thread, it just resists, and thats the point, it doesn't want to let go, but its time, time to let it go, time to say bye bye to the past and hello to the future, time to move on to greener grass and enjoy the view.

no one will make the change for me, for you or for anyone else, only we can change ourselves.

its all good, it works out, nothing is ever as bad as it seems, nothing ever keeps us down in the dumps, nothing really is so scary that we can't achieve our goals, (although we tell ourselves it is scary as the scariest monster that exists).

i give no power to any monster who wants to take over my life, you have no power over me, you can not and will not stand in my way.

I expect the same of you ya know, I expect you to forgive yourself, to find your REAL power and use it to your advantage, to find out who you REALLY are and live a life that fills you with everything you want it to be!!!

And now for the ending, the part where my inner critic tells me HIT THE DELETE key, we all have one, we all have that beautiful delete key that allows us to erase the words and pictures of our choosing, but for me, I choose to ignore my inner critic as she likes to judge, she likes to tell me its not good enough, who wants to read what you write you write anyway, well folks.....

I do, I want it to to remain here, I want to read it and perhaps one day read it again, I want to forget what my inner critic says and be who I am and soon enough my inner critic will work with me.

I ask you again, please do the same, allow yourself the freedom to be you and if your inner critic says hit the delete key, ask the question, is it your inner critic or your intuition, your intuition guides you and wants you to succeed, your inner critic, well, he/she wants just the opposite.

but its your choice, to delete or not, its up to you.

p.s. sometimes hitting delete is the answer because it allows us to get it out of our heads and remove it from our space, and sometimes there is nothing more rewarding than getting out the fear, anger or sadness and then deleting it forever!!!

soooooooooooooooooo folks, what will you do today to get you one step closer to living your true self, to having all that you want, to finding your oath, whatever it is your doing, take a step no matter how small it may seem, take it, there is no going back.

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