Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Saturday Folks

A new day, and with this new day it brings more miracles, endless opportunities to be compassionate.
I have learned yet another lesson, or do I say, the same lesson that I forgot how much it meant to me to stay true to myself.
We are always a work in progress. I am grateful that I have this moment to bring myself back to where I want to be.

A few months back I switched to a vegan diet.
A kind, compassionate way of consuming foods/beverages that were not obtained through suffering or torturing of animals.

It was going great, i even lost some weight, I was feeling faboo.
Then cellulitis sneaked up on me and landed on my face.
Well, I was put on mega doses of antibiotic, 6000 milligrams a day to be exact. A very high does which caused a lot of other health stuff.
Its all good now, I am feeling much better.
However, I went to my family doc, told her about the vegan diet and she said, no way, its unhealthy, I argued a bit with her and then thought, okay, maybe it is. (WRONG WRONG WRONG) never go against your own belief system it doesn't serve you at all.
But an insecurity popped up, and I listened to her.
Hey, its just her opinion, a vegan diet is healthy, good for ya and a wonderful way to keep in shape.

Anyway, it was bothering me, I was eating some meat again, eating dairy and feeling crappy, physically and emotionally, so, I did what I always do, when I want to follow through with what I say I will do, if for some reason I am NOT doing it, I read a book on the subject, watch a documentary, search the internet high and low so that I can find info that validates my belief.

Its a great tool, and I am glad I can use it to bring me back to who I am. But, I also know that one day, I will need need validation, justification or approval of any kind from anyone so that i can feel good about my choice. Its my choice, bottom line, I am the only one that needs to "feel good" about my decisions.

Okay, moving on, I found a site, rented the dvd from Netflix, and last night my honey and I watched it.

Well, guess who is vegan again, lol its a great wonderful thing though. I want all of us to be kind, gentle souls who eat, drink, wear, shop and entertain ourselves with compassion.

You can click anywhere on the above sentence and check out more info or you can click here and watch the whole film.
FYI, it is a bit graphic as it shows slaughter house's, zoo animal trainers etc...
Have a super duper day faboo friends!
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