Saturday, October 9, 2010

a new path

Well folks, things sometimes come our way that we didn't plan for, that we wanted and just didn't know it yet and manifested from a previous thought.

I was totally loving Ashtanga Yoga, however, my body decided it wasn't the right time. Its all good though!
I had some health stuff that needed to be taken care of and thats what my body was telling me so I am working on that and finding out that I must do things as my body allows.
I have recently been given a gift certificate for a healing class at the Gentle Spirit in Hellertown.
Jen is a wonderful teacher and I am enjoying "Movement as Medicine" with her and the other students participating.
I will still learn Astanga Yoga, but at a later date.
I also made an appointment for a healing with Jen at the Gentle Spirit, I am excited for my session.
I will tell you all about it and let you know just how energized and healthy I feel after my appointment!!!

Until then my faboo friends,
Live, love and laugh!

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