Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hey you, over there

thats right cool cat, i am talkin to you. so lately I have been inspired to write much more than usual, a smidge in my journal, I seem to be writing in there and then tearing out the pages, ya know, its that darn inner critic, it just ain't happy unless its pickin my work apart. soooooooooooooo i say to you inner critic who likes to mess with me mind, buzz off, i do not need you, I do not want you and i certainly am happier without you buggin me.
bye bye baby bye bye.

why is it, that we must pick apart the things we do, sometimes to the point of NOT doing what we want at all. i guess its part of a conditioning that we are given when growing up and for some cotton pickin reason we thinks we need to keeps it.
yes, i am spelling differently and not using proper grammar, but thats just so that pesky inner critic knows i will no longer tolerate the bull that it wants me to hear.
I hear you no more, however, i still do love you as you are just doing your job but its time my friend for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the writing on the wall, enjoy all life has to offer, i mean for foxcreek ya know, life is so grand, there is no reason that we must succumb to the traps or any kind of negative bologna that our mind wants to feed us, i say to you hungry inner critic, me has no more food for you, starve you i must!

so tell me my lovelies, what have you been up to, are you writing, crafting, dreaming, loving, creating, living the life of your dreams, oh please do tell, I love to hear your stories of hope and inspiration, and do share those stories of sadness too my friend, the ones that keep you from doing what you love.
have no fear my pet, for where you want to be so shall you get.

take a moment, breath in and breath out, get to steppin and please oh pretty please, however small the step, take it, move in the direction of your dreams, you so deserve to have and be all that you desire!

well pretty people, thats it for now, me tired and sweepy, so off to beddy pie i go, goodnight to you and ever so sweetly dreams i wish you during your rest!


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