Saturday, October 23, 2010

every once in awhile....

I feel like this and yet it pertains to only me, when I "go away" from myself, everything falls back into the place of a misguided, poor unfortunate soul. I don't quite know why or how this happens when I do everything in my power to remain positive but I have learned to accept this part of me and while I don't know yet how I fall into this trap, I do know that I will soon be very far away from this feeling. Something inside obviously wants me to acknowledge pain, and so I do, at some point all the pain will be gone!
Until that time, its okay, cry if you want, feel the sadness and know that somewhere inside of you, its okay to be sad sometimes and not know why, its all part of the great and wonderful transformation taking place, we can do this together!!!

Love you bunches,
P.S. Looking at this post and then the post below, ummmmmmmmmm, it would be appear to be bipolar, lol hey, it happens, some days we are so thrilled to be alive and other days we wonder what the heck is going on, shit happens 'eh!
Remember to be true to yourself, you are the only one who can make or break you!

P.P.S. aching to delete, (ya know the creepy fear monster is sayin, hey, you are gonna leave this post up, you are wide open for people to read this and think, uhhhhhh, who is the crackpot) I say to you creepy fear monster, piss off, you have no power over me!

P.P.P. S. Hi Mark, totally aware your reading this, lol

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