Wednesday, October 27, 2010


so my friends, I am here to tell you life only gets better with time, I know, sometimes some really yucky things happen, but really, its all for a good reason, although we may not see it right away, we learn so much from all the good and bad experiences we have throughout our life.

in the mean time, if you are going through something that causes you some grief, sit with it for a bit, and know that it will all be okay, you are one great creature my friend, you are so beautiful, you are truly unique, you are talented, thoughtful, caring and compassionate.
here's the deal, right now, think about something that makes you feel happy, thats right, find it right now, that little happy thought that fills you up with giggles, smiles and sparkles a plenty!
the next time you feel down, think about those sparkles surrounding you taking you to the place of bliss!!

until next time my faboo friends,
I wish you oodles of happiness, tons of love, mountains of money and bunches of good health,

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