Monday, July 26, 2010

a great read....

"Meat is for Pussies" is an awesome book!
Yes, it was meant for manly reading but I loved it anyway. I am enjoying reading about others on a journey through life living a vegan lifestyle. It seems I just can't get enough info these days about eating vegan and vegetarian.
It's been a few months that I began this journey and my life is changing in so many wonderful ways. I am eating foods that I never thought would sit upon my plate. Whole grains was once a no no to me, not because it was healthy but because it just didn't taste well at the time. Its amazing how once the mind becomes open to new things, how different, delicious and satisfying something becomes.
There is no going back to an animal consumption way of life.

1. I feel better
2. I am not eating the pain and suffering of any creature
3. My body is changing in so many positive and beautiful ways
4. I am learning new things everyday
5. I am food shopping with a purpose
6. I am helping myself
7. I am helping the planet
8. I am healing from the inside out
9. I am becoming more powerful each day
10. (the most important of all) I am practicing what I preach

until next time my faboo friends,
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