Monday, May 24, 2010

this is it, my dream come true.....

ok, so here is the scoop....
I want to live in a magical cottage, yeppers, that's right a magical cottage.
My family is on board with this as well. We would love to live in the country and be close to all the natural wildlife, grow all of our own goodies and just wake up to the birds singing and the soft kisses from the sun.

We want to stay in the Saucon Valley School District.
We need 3 bedrooms, at least 1 bath, and the usual, kitchen, living room, without or without a dining room, a portion of wooded lot, (for exploring the forest, treasure hunting, magic treehouses and gathering treats for the garden fairies and gnomes of course)
We have a dog and 4 cats and we would love room to roam, my girls want to have dirt bikes, 4 wheelers.
If you know of such a Magical Cottage that is in the Saucon Valley School District that is available to rent or rent with option to buy or for sale, by all means my faboo friends, let me know!!!

Until next time happy humans,

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