Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and the feeling continues...

so I started a vegan diet on April 11, 2010. Let me tell ya, I am still feeling great! loving all the new foods I am tasting and enjoying life so much more!
I have had stomach issues in the past and sometimes running to the bathroom was a regular occurrence. Not fun, but without meat and animal by products, no more stomach aches, no more running to the bathroom and feeling all crampy. I can focus in a way that I never knew I could and I feel like a million dollars, the best part of all this feeling so good is me gettin my skinny on too. yay! I am down to a 7/8, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!

Its only been a few weeks, wow, imagine that, how great a person can feel by just changing their diet. Its true folks, ya gotta try it, I am going through so many wonderful things and this new way of eating is so transformational, it is leading me into many different areas that I never thought I would explore, like caring for the planet, don't get me wrong, I don't litter or burn toxic trash, I do recycle, but i never truly cared about the earth so to speak. like taking it for granted, thinking that it will be here forever, and whether or not it will isn't the point, I am here now, and I need to do my part.
I am more in tune with nature, when i step outside, i feel like a part of the earth, like it cares about me too.
This may sound odd but I feel like I am seeing things differently, i even think twice now before squashing a bug, LOL
I still am a bit freaked out by them but I just go about my business and they go about their's.

My sense of touch has been completely reawakened, its like I feel the textures and think about them more.

I don't really know how to explain all this, just that it feels wonderful. The grass on my feet. (I have always been a barefoot kinda gal) but now it feels so good to step into the grass. now I actually feel the grass tickling my toes, the coolness of the grass and it just feels so amazing,

I am so glad that I have chose this route, I am in love with myself for the very first time and it is faboooooooooooo. its totally rewarding and i don't feel selfish taking care of me.

i am beautiful, you are beautiful, we are all part of this great big, oh so abundant planet that provides us with all the goodness we want.

Go outside, take a deep breath, feel the air, the sun kissing your face, a cool breeze that gently blows and find out what native plants grow in your area. i went out this morning, picked some of the dandelions that grow all over my yard, and I will be sauteing them with olive oil, garlic and a sprinklin of unrefined sea salt for dinner, along with tabbouleh, and a salad, mmmmmmmmmmmm, yummers in my tummy!

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