Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wanted - Country living

A call to the universe

Wanted - Country Living, Farmhouse, Farmette, House in the Country

We are interested in living a simpler life, please see ad below.

My family and I would love to live in the country, a nice farmhouse, farmette or country house would be great.
We are willing to do yard and home maintenance in exchange for rent free living or reduced rent.
Rent with option to buy would be awesome.
We would love to have a few chickens, perhaps goats and maybe a couple sheep.
We have 1 dog and 4 cats.We would like to stay in the Saucon Valley School District.

My desire is to one day hold retreats with like minded people learning about natural ways of living. Creative thinking groups and artist retreats as well.
Yoga classes, inner healing and sustainable living etc...

If you have a place that you would like to offer to my family, please email me: or comment me here and I will be thrilled to chat with you about it.

Namaste good friend!

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