Friday, April 9, 2010

most of you know...

that I had health issues in the past and due to medications I was on i gained about 60 pounds, well, it was not one of my happier moments, I might add.
However, I have been shedding some weight here and there although it was still a struggle for me up until recently and by that I mean that past month.
I was orgially 182 around Jan 2009, had gone down to 160 and somehow went back up to 169, well, let it be known, I am now at 158, yahoo, I have gotten past the 160 mark that I had been so wanting for awhile now.

I am eating well and exercising and loving life. I am so excited that just thinking about it, gives me chills!!!
Its true my friends, you can have everything in life you want, go for it. I am on my way back to my skinny me and I am loving it!!

until next time my faboo friends,
love yourself, be happy and get out there and live your life,
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