Monday, April 26, 2010

by far the most boring blog post ever.... ummmmmmmmmm NOT

so lately I have been wondering what kind of exciting things I could write about and it turned out that I was thinking that I wasn't doing anything exciting. Then it hit me, are ya kiddin, you are not doing anything exciting, well that is simply just not fair I say, not fair at all, who are you to decide if what you are doing is exciting enough for you to post about.
Thats when I realized, my life is exciting, every fantastical little juicy detail about my life is exciting.
The life I share with my family and friends is filled with juicy details that I can share all the time.

So what has been going on you ask, well alot, alot of things are changing n my life and I am just so happy about it.

A couple weeks ago I learned of a show called Food Inc. and it has totally changed my life, and not just my way of eating, my way of thinking has changed, my actions and outlook toward life have changed.
Who would have thought that changing my eating would spark a whole new life for me, well, not me, thats for sure.
I never would have thought that my life would change in so many wonderful ways.

Eating veggies, fruits, grains, beans and nuts, wow, what a difference a day make 'eh?

Can I just say, woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I am one lucky gal, I have a wonderful family, a boat load of super duper friends and all things wonderful are coming my way.

My honey is at a job interview, I am creating lots of new soaps, making collages, writing and exercising in a whole new light.

My advice for the day is....
If you want to be successful in life, all you must do to reach your full potential is.........
(drumroll please)
Thats it, wake up to the beauty that is inside of you, feed your body, mind and soul all the wonderful goodies that are out there ready for you to grab.
I am not saying you must eat meat and dairy free, nopers, I am saying find out what makes you feel good, the food that you need to fuel your body and then your mind and soul will then get on board.

You will see just how amazing you really are, all the unique gifts that you possess and you will be on top of the mountain in no time at all!
I am also not talking just food here either, seek out the info you want to learn about, read, watch and listen to things that make you feel full of life, enjoy who you are right now, RIGHT NOW, no more waiting, get the lead out already and move in the direction of your dreams, I don't care if it is a teeny weeny step, take it dammit, and take it now!!!

Your life is wating for you to show up, answer that darn door and run wild and free, let your freak out, test your senses, smell, touch and look at things in a way you never did before.
Right now my sense of touch is a bit crazy, lol
I seem to want to feel things, to really feel things, like the couch for instance, it feels cold, smooth, if I press down it feels hard, if I press lightly, it tickles my fingertips, I can feel tiny grooves, its smooth yet bumpy, there is ridges where the arm rest meets the seam, as I said, I am touching all kinds of things and really feeling them, its alot of fun too!
Give it a whirl, go touch something, go smell something, go eat something, just do something allow yourself to feel so damn good you just gotta smile about it for hours and hours!!

I love me, I love you and I love the earth that feeds my body mind and soul!

Huggle wuggles happy humans,

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