Saturday, April 17, 2010

and the visions continue....

Last week I had another one of my visions about someone dying.
I have this feeling that something is going to happen to someone and then their life will end. It is never about the person I am having it about.
It doesn't matter what I am doing, there is no specific thing that I can pin point it too and I have yet to be able to bring something like this on at will, at least not that I am aware of anyway.

Here is what happened:
Mark and I were in the car and we were running some errands, all of a sudden I get this feeling that something isn't right, that someone is going to die, I won't mention who it was about just because it kind of gives me the creeps, but anyway, I am feeling like someone is going to die in an odd way, meaning, not a heart attack or illness, it was going to be an accidental death so to speak.
Well yesterday I get a call from my Aunt and my great Uncle had died last week as a result of a fall.

I am becoming more aware as these things continue, I can't say that I would want to know who it is about when I get these feelings but then again, I don't like not knowing either.

oooooooooo, epiphany, (love these) As I write this I realize its time I accept this gift I have and if I am to get the actual events of the person it pertains too, its okay, I am willing to know the information.

Until next time happy humans,
may your life be filled with oodles of goodness, lots of love, mountains of money so that you can pay all your bills and do all the things that you desire!


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