Thursday, March 11, 2010

write everyday, thats the plan

so often I get carried away doing other things and it keeps me from writing.
but if I wanted to write, other things wouldn't get in the way.
I have found out many things about myself over the past few months, things that surprised me, things that taught me and things that I wanted to change.

it's all good, it always is, we are where we are supposed to be at all times, if we really truly wanted to be somewhere else, doing something else, we would be.
but that's where it can get tricky, yeah, we would be doing others things if we really wanted to however, we let ourselves get in the way.

I have often stepped on my own feet just to keep me from succeeding at things. I have made excuses for doings things other than what I wanted to do, why, why you ask, hmmmmmmmmm, the answer is this.

FEAR, its what keeps me and anyone else in the world stuck, that's it, those 4 letters can keep someone from being their best, doing their best and being the person they want to be.

It comes from very early on, we become conditioned because of someone else beliefs and adopt them for our own.
Now, c'mon, does that make sense, not to me, at least not anymore.

We do not have the right to carry on someone else's belief, it was their;s and it belongs to them give it back.
We can not and will not ever be able to be someone else, so why should we believe what they hold for their truth.

For instance, my mother didn't like driving on the highway, so guess what, you got it, i don't like driving on the highway, she didn't like it because there was so many cars and everyone was going so fast and it was too confusing, etc.......

so now its up to me to let go of her fear and get on the highway, I know i can do it, and yep, i am alittle bit scared, not sure why though really, where does the actual fear feeling come in at.
i never crashed on the highway, never knew anyone that was involved in something tragic on the highway, so why does this fear exist?

My guess is it's all learned behavior, we learn how to be afraid, be courageous, be scared and to be brave.

I guess what happens to some kids is that their mothers are just so loaded with fear, they think they are protecting their children but really, their are giving them reasons to be afraid and i am done.

I do not want to be afraid of anything.
Its okay to be cautious, no need to run in the street into oncoming traffic, yeah, that doesn't make sense, so we are cautious about it, we look both ways, and cross when the traffic is gone.

So, its my life and i am taking it back, life is a wondrous gift that we are given, we are lucky everyday that we wake up and the sun greets us with its presence.

Fear has no place in this world, it only keeps us stuck and insecure!
I want to experience all life has to offer, see the world, travel to far away places and meet new people.
I want my books published.
I want my skin care business to become so big that I need to hire others to help me keep stock on the shelves, ship out orders and lend their creativity so we can all learn from each other.
I want to live in a bigger house
I want my children to be filled with so much happiness that they are confident and succeful in all areas of their life.
I want my husband to experience all life has to offer.
I want him to have all that he desires.

I want all these things and I will not be afraid to go after them, I am taking steps everyday in the direction of my dreams!Writing everyday is one of those steps!
Until next time,
I wish you oodles of happiness, lots of love to share with family and friends and may all your dreams come true!!!

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