Saturday, March 20, 2010

and so I met Mr. Giggle Bubbles

Dear Mr. Giggle Bubbles,

Thank you for coming to visit me yesterday. It was one of the best moments of my life. The laughing, tears of joy, and sharing, what a delight.
I am so thankful that we had the chance to get to know one another and perhaps, next time, Mrs. Giggle Bubbles will be able to join us.
I would love to interview you and get your thoughts on your "Method To My Madness" system.

Enclosed you will find available time slots that I have open for us to get together.

Again, I would love to thank you for coming to visit, filling me full of laughter and the biggest giggle bubbles that I have ever had.

Until next time,
Keep on Livin, laughin and lovin!
: )

Times available for interview:
Monday - Anytime
Tuesday - Anytime
Wednesday - Anytime
Thursday - Anytime
Friday - Anytime
Saturday - Anytime
Sunday - Anytime

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Dear Maryann,

It too was my pleasure to visit with you. The moments we shared laughin were also one of my best experiences yet.
Oh yes, that would be fantastic, Mrs. Giggle Bubbles would love to come to our next get together. She wants me to tell you that she is very excited and can't wait to visit.
I am honored that you would like to interview me, what a treat this will be for me to share with you my methods.

You can say that obviously this interview was supposed to take place as I just so happen to have an opening on the same day that you are available to conduct an interview.

See you in a few!
Thanks so much,
Mr. Giggle Bubbles

Interview with Mr. Giggle Bubbles - Saturday - March 20, 2010 - 10:2o am

Good morning everyone. Thank you for joining us. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Giggle Bubbles.

Me- Hi Mr. Giggle Bubbles, thank you for coming

Mr. G - Hi Maryann, your welcome, thank you for having me.

Me- So tell me Mr. Giggle Bubbles, what is it that has you so full of laughter?

Mr. G - Well its simple really, life is full of wonderful things, happy moments and so much joy. Of course there are things in the world that can provide us with sadness and anger, but through the mist of it all we must find the good in our lives. Laugh as aften as we can and see the beauty everywhere. Live alittle and step outside of the rat race that we can get so caught up in.

Me- Ah yes, how true, so often we get inside our heads and can't see past the anger and we forget just how easy it is to see the good in people, to see the good in ourselves and forget just how great laughing really feels.
Do you agree that laughter should be part of our lives everyday?

Mr. G - Oh yes, most definitely, laughter of course is the best medicine.

Me - I would love to ask you about your product, your system that you swear by that will give us the insight to feel fantastic at any moment we so choose.

Mr. G - "Method of my Madness" came about a few years ago when I was struggling with some issues that had been keeping me from enjoying life. Yes, I was stuck in a rat race and I had to find a way to dig myself out of. "Method to my Madness" was born.
There is but one trick, one solution, only one step needed that we must take in order for this system to work for each of us.
It takes but a moment, just a second to get started and from there it fills your whole being and your done, that's it, voila, you will have then mastered the technique.

Me - Oh Mr. Giggle Bubbles, the suspense is killing me, please do tell, I would love to have the power to fill my entire being with such delight at the moment of my choosing.

Mr. G - Well Maryann, if you say you are ready, then reveal the secret I shall.
First let me say this. You have the power my dear, oh yes you do, it has just been dormant for a long time, you already possess the power to make this happen, and that is what makes my program so simple, we all have the power to implement this into our lives.
That being said, this is what you will need to do in order to have the "Method to your own Madness"

When your feeling down, sad, blue, angry, hurt, fearful, confused, embarrassed, scared or any other feelings that are keeping you from feeling good both physically and mentally.
All I ask is that you raise up your head, look up and smile anyway, that is it, just smile anyway, think about how great it feels to feel good and your done.
It doesn't get any easier, again, all you have to do is look up when you have feelings that you want to get rid of.

I would ask though however, that when practicing this technique you remember just how perfect you are, just how unique, beautiful and intelligent you really are, see yourself for the amazing individual that you have become and give yourself the freedom to be you.

Me - Oh my Mr. Giggle Bubbles, that is easy, my goodness, how truly delightful it is to know that we possess the power to feel good, to bask in our own happiness and share that with all the world. Spread smiles like never before, give love like we never have before. Mr. Giggle Bubbles, I want to thank you for sharing your insight, you truly are a special person.

Mr. G - Your welcome Maryann, I am thrilled to help and to share with you all I have learned in life, that true happiness is ours for the taking, we just have to allow it into our hearts and into our heads.

Me - this concludes my interview with Mr. Giggle Bubbles, thank you for joining us.

Until next time,
Be you and have a blast doing it!

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Lynzee S. said...

Well, after reading this I feel as though I need to just start laughing. I do agree that laughter is really the best medicine; it is what we need to stay happy over all. There will be times when we are not, but when we look back we should be able to smile about what we learned from the situation. I would also love to have a one-on-one with Mr. Giggle Bubbles sometime soon (and Mrs. Giggle Bubbles is more then welcome).

Thank you for making me realize that in life, we really do need to laugh more!!

Lynzee <3

Maryann said...

Well well, you are just as sweet as sugar gal!
thanks for adding to my smile bank!!!