Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oh so soapy

I love crafting with glycerin soap. The possibilities are endless. Check out this gal at Lets get Soapy, she has some wonderful tutorials and recipes in her new issue of "Lets Get Soapy"
Have fun soap crafting!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

hear my call...

Howdy everyone,

I hope you are all having a glorious day!!!
We all know that visualization helps to bring about our deepest desires, so why not use a tool to bring money right to you. There is enough for you and you and you and you and me too. All you need to do is click on the money below, print it out and hang it up wherever you can see it regularly to remind yourself that you are deserving of all the money you wish, to remind yourself how fortunate you are to have all the money you want and to remind yourself that you are capable of manifesting all your desires, dreams and happiness that is yours for the asking!
I wish you oodles of success, tons of happiness, mountains of money and great health all my faboo friends!


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

and so I met Mr. Giggle Bubbles

Dear Mr. Giggle Bubbles,

Thank you for coming to visit me yesterday. It was one of the best moments of my life. The laughing, tears of joy, and sharing, what a delight.
I am so thankful that we had the chance to get to know one another and perhaps, next time, Mrs. Giggle Bubbles will be able to join us.
I would love to interview you and get your thoughts on your "Method To My Madness" system.

Enclosed you will find available time slots that I have open for us to get together.

Again, I would love to thank you for coming to visit, filling me full of laughter and the biggest giggle bubbles that I have ever had.

Until next time,
Keep on Livin, laughin and lovin!
: )

Times available for interview:
Monday - Anytime
Tuesday - Anytime
Wednesday - Anytime
Thursday - Anytime
Friday - Anytime
Saturday - Anytime
Sunday - Anytime

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Dear Maryann,

It too was my pleasure to visit with you. The moments we shared laughin were also one of my best experiences yet.
Oh yes, that would be fantastic, Mrs. Giggle Bubbles would love to come to our next get together. She wants me to tell you that she is very excited and can't wait to visit.
I am honored that you would like to interview me, what a treat this will be for me to share with you my methods.

You can say that obviously this interview was supposed to take place as I just so happen to have an opening on the same day that you are available to conduct an interview.

See you in a few!
Thanks so much,
Mr. Giggle Bubbles

Interview with Mr. Giggle Bubbles - Saturday - March 20, 2010 - 10:2o am

Good morning everyone. Thank you for joining us. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Giggle Bubbles.

Me- Hi Mr. Giggle Bubbles, thank you for coming

Mr. G - Hi Maryann, your welcome, thank you for having me.

Me- So tell me Mr. Giggle Bubbles, what is it that has you so full of laughter?

Mr. G - Well its simple really, life is full of wonderful things, happy moments and so much joy. Of course there are things in the world that can provide us with sadness and anger, but through the mist of it all we must find the good in our lives. Laugh as aften as we can and see the beauty everywhere. Live alittle and step outside of the rat race that we can get so caught up in.

Me- Ah yes, how true, so often we get inside our heads and can't see past the anger and we forget just how easy it is to see the good in people, to see the good in ourselves and forget just how great laughing really feels.
Do you agree that laughter should be part of our lives everyday?

Mr. G - Oh yes, most definitely, laughter of course is the best medicine.

Me - I would love to ask you about your product, your system that you swear by that will give us the insight to feel fantastic at any moment we so choose.

Mr. G - "Method of my Madness" came about a few years ago when I was struggling with some issues that had been keeping me from enjoying life. Yes, I was stuck in a rat race and I had to find a way to dig myself out of. "Method to my Madness" was born.
There is but one trick, one solution, only one step needed that we must take in order for this system to work for each of us.
It takes but a moment, just a second to get started and from there it fills your whole being and your done, that's it, voila, you will have then mastered the technique.

Me - Oh Mr. Giggle Bubbles, the suspense is killing me, please do tell, I would love to have the power to fill my entire being with such delight at the moment of my choosing.

Mr. G - Well Maryann, if you say you are ready, then reveal the secret I shall.
First let me say this. You have the power my dear, oh yes you do, it has just been dormant for a long time, you already possess the power to make this happen, and that is what makes my program so simple, we all have the power to implement this into our lives.
That being said, this is what you will need to do in order to have the "Method to your own Madness"

When your feeling down, sad, blue, angry, hurt, fearful, confused, embarrassed, scared or any other feelings that are keeping you from feeling good both physically and mentally.
All I ask is that you raise up your head, look up and smile anyway, that is it, just smile anyway, think about how great it feels to feel good and your done.
It doesn't get any easier, again, all you have to do is look up when you have feelings that you want to get rid of.

I would ask though however, that when practicing this technique you remember just how perfect you are, just how unique, beautiful and intelligent you really are, see yourself for the amazing individual that you have become and give yourself the freedom to be you.

Me - Oh my Mr. Giggle Bubbles, that is easy, my goodness, how truly delightful it is to know that we possess the power to feel good, to bask in our own happiness and share that with all the world. Spread smiles like never before, give love like we never have before. Mr. Giggle Bubbles, I want to thank you for sharing your insight, you truly are a special person.

Mr. G - Your welcome Maryann, I am thrilled to help and to share with you all I have learned in life, that true happiness is ours for the taking, we just have to allow it into our hearts and into our heads.

Me - this concludes my interview with Mr. Giggle Bubbles, thank you for joining us.

Until next time,
Be you and have a blast doing it!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

I am grateful for...

my bed for it gave me a place to rest
my coffee maker as it provided me with a yummy cup of java
my bathroom because I do not have to use an outhouse

today I am feeling like its time to be grateful for all those things that I am often annoyed with, its time to change the way I look at those things

I am grateful
for all the noise in my house because it means I can hear
for dishes that accumulate in the sink because it means I am capable of washing them
for the laundry that accumulates because it means I have a washer and dryer to use
for the fuzz on the carpet because I am capable of vacuuming
for the empty toilet paper roll that always needs replacing because it means I have legs to walk for a new roll
for all the things that annoy me because it means I have feelings and am capable of finding the good in everything

Today I would like you to know that I love you, you know who you are and you know you wanted to hear it, so take this in, I love you always and you matter to me now and forever!!!


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

write everyday, thats the plan

so often I get carried away doing other things and it keeps me from writing.
but if I wanted to write, other things wouldn't get in the way.
I have found out many things about myself over the past few months, things that surprised me, things that taught me and things that I wanted to change.

it's all good, it always is, we are where we are supposed to be at all times, if we really truly wanted to be somewhere else, doing something else, we would be.
but that's where it can get tricky, yeah, we would be doing others things if we really wanted to however, we let ourselves get in the way.

I have often stepped on my own feet just to keep me from succeeding at things. I have made excuses for doings things other than what I wanted to do, why, why you ask, hmmmmmmmmm, the answer is this.

FEAR, its what keeps me and anyone else in the world stuck, that's it, those 4 letters can keep someone from being their best, doing their best and being the person they want to be.

It comes from very early on, we become conditioned because of someone else beliefs and adopt them for our own.
Now, c'mon, does that make sense, not to me, at least not anymore.

We do not have the right to carry on someone else's belief, it was their;s and it belongs to them give it back.
We can not and will not ever be able to be someone else, so why should we believe what they hold for their truth.

For instance, my mother didn't like driving on the highway, so guess what, you got it, i don't like driving on the highway, she didn't like it because there was so many cars and everyone was going so fast and it was too confusing, etc.......

so now its up to me to let go of her fear and get on the highway, I know i can do it, and yep, i am alittle bit scared, not sure why though really, where does the actual fear feeling come in at.
i never crashed on the highway, never knew anyone that was involved in something tragic on the highway, so why does this fear exist?

My guess is it's all learned behavior, we learn how to be afraid, be courageous, be scared and to be brave.

I guess what happens to some kids is that their mothers are just so loaded with fear, they think they are protecting their children but really, their are giving them reasons to be afraid and i am done.

I do not want to be afraid of anything.
Its okay to be cautious, no need to run in the street into oncoming traffic, yeah, that doesn't make sense, so we are cautious about it, we look both ways, and cross when the traffic is gone.

So, its my life and i am taking it back, life is a wondrous gift that we are given, we are lucky everyday that we wake up and the sun greets us with its presence.

Fear has no place in this world, it only keeps us stuck and insecure!
I want to experience all life has to offer, see the world, travel to far away places and meet new people.
I want my books published.
I want my skin care business to become so big that I need to hire others to help me keep stock on the shelves, ship out orders and lend their creativity so we can all learn from each other.
I want to live in a bigger house
I want my children to be filled with so much happiness that they are confident and succeful in all areas of their life.
I want my husband to experience all life has to offer.
I want him to have all that he desires.

I want all these things and I will not be afraid to go after them, I am taking steps everyday in the direction of my dreams!Writing everyday is one of those steps!
Until next time,
I wish you oodles of happiness, lots of love to share with family and friends and may all your dreams come true!!!

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

mmmmmmmmmmmm coffee and other freebies too

check out this link below for all kinds of freebies and go grab yourself a free sample of dunkin donuts coffee too

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how are you

Spring is in the air, the flowers are poking through, new life is emerging.
How is it in your part of the world? Is it warm and sunny, cold and snowy, windy and rainy?
Whatever the weather, I hope you are all happy and healthy!!!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

sometimes we need to relearn...

the art of letting go...
can I just say, wow, it feels so good to let go of things that serve no purpose for me anymore,
sure, sometimes it bothers me, things that hold a memory here and there but overall, they are not needed and it is time to pass them on to another place.
it amazes me each time I let go of something that I thought held value for me, learning to let go all over again sure feels grand!!!

you too can declutter and let go of those things that are holding you back, keeping you stuck, filling your much needed space with negativity, do it, let go of those things, get the energy flowing in your home and feel those wonderful feelings of new found space, freedom and less stuff!!!

until next time pretty people, have a glorious day,
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

finding direction

today I feel a little bit lost in this great big world, as if I have lost my direction booklet and now am wondering where to go, what to do and when to do it.

It's like my world was wonderful and someone came along a dropped a bomb and left me to put it all back together.
So many thoughts run through my mind over this past month.
Did I do the right thing, did I say what I should have, did I learn the lesson involved? I am finding that this past month has changed me in a way that I just wasn't ready to be changed.
I find myself, sad, angry, hurt and confused, I lost someone that meant the world to me.
I look at my husband and I think about how much it hurts to lose a mother, how it hurts him to see his dad alone and we have talked about it alot, he feels a big hole in his life too.

I do believe that all of us go through all the things we need to in life to get to where we need to be, to feel like we deserve everything in life that we so desire. So although its hard to lose someone, it is a necessary part of life, yet that doesn't comfort me at all.

I have trouble sleeping, dreaming, well that just is all screwed up at the moment, I feel like I have lost some control and it's scary to me. I wonder about so many things, make sure I say this, do this because I just never know when the moment will arrive that I will lose someone again.
Sounds a bit crazy to me as well.

Pat and I didn't get along for so many years, I never gave her the benefit of the doubt.
I was too busy thinking she would never like me and that it was pointless because I could never like her.
Mark wanted us to get along and he wanted it badly but it just couldn't be for some reason.
I would call her or we would get together and that is when those stories we tell ourselves about what other people think started rolling in like crazy.
I remember thinking things like, alright, I am gonna call her and if she doesn't like what I say or if she gets mad than that's it, I am not doing this anymore because I don't think there is anything I can do that she would approve of.

well guess what I have learned over the years, if we don't tell ourselves stories about what we think might happen, or what we don't want to happen, it all works out.

I really feared that my husbands parents would never approve of me and I know now that it has a lot to do with how I grew up. It happened, and it all works out now that I have decided what I want.

It was about couple years ago and I was talking to a friend of mine who helped me through different things in life and I was telling her that we still didn't get along (me and my inlaws), she asked me what I wanted out of this relationship and I told her, I just want to be their friend. It doesn't matter anymore what I said or did, what any of us said or did and I just want to be thier friend and she said to me, then that's it Maryann, be their friend, you can make friends so that's all you need to do, be a friend to them.

well, it was only a couple days after that and we received an invitation to his father's birthday party.
I'll tell ya, I was scared, I was so afraid that it wasn't gonna work and eventhough I wanted to be their friend I was worried. Even after all the talking I did with my friend and then my oldest daughter says to me (when you look at something through the eyes of a child, your whole life can change in so many wonderful ways), she says mom; don't ya think it is time to let it go, it's been a long time, don't ya think its time to forgive and forget.
Wow, was I shocked for a moment, and then I said yep honey, your right, we are going to the party.
That night when we came home I thought, holy cow, it worked, there was no fighting, everybody got along, this is great.
Mark was so happy that finally we could all be in the same room and no one was angry with each other, mainly me is what it was about it. I had alot of anger issues towards his family.

Well let me say this, it started us out on a journey that I never would have predicted. We chatted with is parents regularly and all was wonderful.
My husband got laid off from work and we wound up going to his parents house a few days each week. We had some wonderful times with them, we shared moments that Mark and I would have never imagined.
Pat was like a best friend for me. I really enjoyed hanging out with her. I miss and love her a lot.

I don't know how to get over her passing, I just don't know how to feel like its okay. I think about her alot, Mark wants her back just as much as I do and we feel lost about the whole thing.

Perhaps these are the normal things we are supposed to feel when we lose someone we love.
Sitting here writing helps me and as I mentioned in the beginning of this;
that I believe we are all where we need to be in life at every moment,
so there ya have it, I figured out some of this stuff that I am going through, I am where I need to be life and in time it won't hurt as much and it will all be okay even though right now it doesn't feel like it.

I miss you Mom (Pat), more than I thought I would and sometimes I just wanna pick up the phone and then it hit me, you are not there to call!

until next time,
I wish everyone much success, lots of love in your heart and oodles of good times with family and friends!!
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