Friday, January 15, 2010

daily writing....

wondering what to write about today.

excuses I use for not writing.
allergies, eeeeeeee gads, my nose is stuffy, running and I am sneezing way more than I would like to be!
bored (writing would cure boredom)
tired (stories don't make much sense when I am sleepy- another excuse)
not really into it
wondering if I am a writer after all
sure could see better if I wore my glasses (ummmmmmmm, that would require you to get up and get them, yeah, don't really feel like it)
what is my favorite color
unlimited distractions ( i seem to do this often)
too noisy
too quiet
good movie on tv
if I write it in my journal then I have to transfer it to my computer if I want to share it with the world

okay faboo friends, what are some excuses you use to distract you from daily writing, or sometimes it would be daily living.
We can easily get caught up in each moment and help ourselves to destroy ourselves. The choice is our to make.

I vote for helping ourselves.
Making mistakes is not taboo, its welcomed in the world of creative living. Its okay, forgive yourself and move on, dwelling only keeps you stuck in the moment and that helps no one.

Life is good
life is great
do yourself a favor
show up for yourself
its never too late

love ya,

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