Monday, December 20, 2010

to whom it may concern

I ask that it be benign.
I ask that good health remains.
I ask to heal that which ails.
I ask for clean air to breath.
I ask for food to be thy medicine and medicine to be thy food.
I ask for permission to forgive.
I ask for the courage to allow all that appears.

I ask this for you!!!

The greatest gift we can give for the holidays plus all the days between is....

the gift of love, it is within us, it is okay to love and be loved, it is okay to be kind, gentle and caring, it is okay to feel all your feelings and it is okay to heal all those feelings which caused you pain and anguish, it is okay to love yourself first, it is okay to take time out to refresh and renew, it is okay to laugh, nap, get wild and crazy, live your life to the fullest and be free of all that holds you back,
it is okay to be you!!!


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Sunday, December 19, 2010

update to post below...

its even more purple than before!
Its about as purple as my book cover down and to the right across from my pic below.
I think I am addicted to purple hair, lol

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hope your all havin fun and lettin out your wild side toooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Sunday, December 12, 2010


I watched the movie Eat Pray Love. It is a wonderful story.
I find that there is much about myself I would like to learn, find the truth about who I am, where I want to go and what I want to leave behind.

Right now I have a sudden urge to scream ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, to just let out a load roar so that I am free of some fears, anger and anything else that feels yucky in my being.
Lately, although my life is wonderful and full of everything great; I am feeling an emptiness that seems as though i cannot fill it with anything.
I read, I search, I write, i talk, I listen, I do, I don't,
and yet something inside says nope, still empty just alittle bit over to the right and a smidge to the left.

I am entering a truth seeking mission, internally I need to find balance so that all feels right in my world.
I am to find the missing piece to make myself whole.
So I must go inside, get quiet and listen for the answers.

I am heading to bed and upon awaking tomorrow morning, my journey begins.
Seek and i shall find.

until next time happy humans,
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Friday, December 3, 2010

life IS what we make it and the art of letting go....

I read something today that is similar to my life.
It made me want to take a closer look at how my life, marriage and relationships have changed over time.
(I interrupt this thought to enter this)
Today is one of those days where I find myself angry, sad, jealous and envious.
Wow, one might say at this point, get some help gal and that is exactly what I am doing here.
I find myself feelings these emotions because right now life isn't fair.
Why am I without a mother, a mother in law, a grandmother and friends that were guiding me throughout my life?
If it doesn't kill us makes us stronger than how come I feel so weak and drained by this?
I will never "know" the why for this question and yet somewhere inside of me I keep asking myself why oh why me???

Mom, Mom Pat, Grammie Case, Nan and Neysa, what sage advice do yo have for me, what words of wisdom do you wish me to know, what guidance can you give me to aid me during this time???

Please shed some light so that I can feel at ease, feel happy and look around and know that it really is okay that you are no longer in my life.

I do know that I will get through life without you, I do know that it really will be okay that I don't see you anymore, but right now, I feel saddened and not really buying into it.

It feels empty in a part of me, as if those voids will always be there.
i tell myself repeatedly that I miss you and its okay to miss you and then I hear this other little voice that says, really Maryann, is it really okay cuz right now you feel completely lost, confused, scared and overwhelmed.

If this is all good, and if I am exactly where I want to be in life, if i really am on the right path, I want to get there quicker so the hurt doesn't hurt anymore.
But, rushing it rarely is the answer, it rarely proves to be the best choice for us when we try to hurry things along.

Maryann, please remember that you are on the right path, that you exactly where you need to be and when or if the time come that you feel lost, know that you will find your way back to yourself.
Be kind, loving and gentle to yourself so that you can hear the words that are telling you, stop, take a breath, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a sigh of relief and you will have found your way back to your truth.

(back to the post I originally sat down to write)

My husband and I were once miserable, unkind, selfish, violent and abusive to each other.
We were once on our way to divorce.
I am not sure what it was that actually made us wake up and realize that we are going about it, "the wrong way".
That we were continuing on a path that we didn't want to be on, we didn't want to hurt ourselves or each other, but we couldn't stop until that one day it happened, the choice was made that this is not how we want to live our lives, this is not how we want to raise our children, this is not what we want our children to learn and give them the tools so that they too would find themselves in unhealthy relationships.

As I said, I don't know why, what or exactly when it was that it happened but it did, something made us change for the better, something made us find it in our hearts to make the conscious choice to love each other.

It was no walk in the park either, it took massive amounts of dedication, hard work and tons of forgiveness to ourselves and each other.
it took something that I didn't think we had in us.

Now we don't argue, we communicate in a way that works and in a way that is healthy.
I love my husband more than ever and each day with him gets better.
I am thankful we stick it out and worked it out.
Do I wish that we would have learned this sooner, sometimes I used to because I was afraid that our kids might have learned some really bad habits.
And if one comes up, something that we taught them that needs to change, it gets changed.
Our kids are the best.
I am grateful for each day i get to spend with my family!!!

I do want you to know though, if you are in an abusive relationship, if you act out in violence, if you are being treated like you don't matter. Get the help you need, don't stay with someone who doesn't want it work.
Don't stay with someone who cheats, lies, steals, verbally or mentally abuses you.
Please seek a therapist, get the help you need.

In order for any relationship to work, both of you have to want it to work and make it work, both of you need to work together, forgive and really forget, for real, none of that crap bring it up later, truly forgive yourself and your spouse or partner.
Love is not a feeling, it is a choice, you can choose to love yourself and those around you, make that choice right now, love who you are right now, and go give that spouse or partner of yours a hug, tell them you love them, let them know how much they matter to you.
Don't stay mad anymore, forgive and forget, everyone deserves to love and be loved, now go give and get your loving!!!

Until next time,
I wish you abundance in its greatest glory, love, compassion and kindness in your heart and the hearts of those you touch. I wish you success and tons of happiness!!!
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I woke up this morning feelin sad because
Pat won't be with us this year for Thanksgiving dinner.
Little did I know, she would~
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Saturday Folks

A new day, and with this new day it brings more miracles, endless opportunities to be compassionate.
I have learned yet another lesson, or do I say, the same lesson that I forgot how much it meant to me to stay true to myself.
We are always a work in progress. I am grateful that I have this moment to bring myself back to where I want to be.

A few months back I switched to a vegan diet.
A kind, compassionate way of consuming foods/beverages that were not obtained through suffering or torturing of animals.

It was going great, i even lost some weight, I was feeling faboo.
Then cellulitis sneaked up on me and landed on my face.
Well, I was put on mega doses of antibiotic, 6000 milligrams a day to be exact. A very high does which caused a lot of other health stuff.
Its all good now, I am feeling much better.
However, I went to my family doc, told her about the vegan diet and she said, no way, its unhealthy, I argued a bit with her and then thought, okay, maybe it is. (WRONG WRONG WRONG) never go against your own belief system it doesn't serve you at all.
But an insecurity popped up, and I listened to her.
Hey, its just her opinion, a vegan diet is healthy, good for ya and a wonderful way to keep in shape.

Anyway, it was bothering me, I was eating some meat again, eating dairy and feeling crappy, physically and emotionally, so, I did what I always do, when I want to follow through with what I say I will do, if for some reason I am NOT doing it, I read a book on the subject, watch a documentary, search the internet high and low so that I can find info that validates my belief.

Its a great tool, and I am glad I can use it to bring me back to who I am. But, I also know that one day, I will need need validation, justification or approval of any kind from anyone so that i can feel good about my choice. Its my choice, bottom line, I am the only one that needs to "feel good" about my decisions.

Okay, moving on, I found a site, rented the dvd from Netflix, and last night my honey and I watched it.

Well, guess who is vegan again, lol its a great wonderful thing though. I want all of us to be kind, gentle souls who eat, drink, wear, shop and entertain ourselves with compassion.

You can click anywhere on the above sentence and check out more info or you can click here and watch the whole film.
FYI, it is a bit graphic as it shows slaughter house's, zoo animal trainers etc...
Have a super duper day faboo friends!
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

growing up stupid

You can't do that, don't talk so dumb, stop acting stupid.

Words I never wanted to hear and yet I heard them all the time.

As I recall things about my life growing up, I don't know if it happened everyday or once a week, or even once a month. They happened though, and for whatever reason, it felt like they happened often. Not so much the good times, but the bad times, the times when I was called stupid.

I know growing up I believed it, I really thought I was so dumb, couldn't do anything right, didn't think my life was worth living.
I used to question what my purpose was all the time, and I'll tell ya, it hurt, to me that was the worst kind of poison that a person could ever give to someone, giving them the belief that they didn't know squat about anything.

When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut.
you can't be an astronaut, you would have to fly to the moon. So what I thought, and when I said I will be an astronaut, I was told I would have to go through lots of schooling and move away, all kinds of things to try and keep me from wanting this.
But looking back, i guess they were afraid and thought I may go away, or get hurt, or fail.

Then I said, well, I will be an artist, oh boy, that opened another can of worms, I heard the laughter, and was then told I would never make any money at it, did I want to be part of the starving artist group, first of all I didn't even know what that was, I was 4 years old.
I was full of hopes and dreams and when I mentioned them, they were squashed and laughed at.
So, out of my mouth, (obviously I was really one smart cookie) I said, well, since my skin is always dry, I want to be an alligator.
Not too much laughter, but I was told, good luck.
I don't recall much in my life earlier than 4 years old, am I blocking it out, did the negativity not start until i was 4??? Who knows, not me thats for sure.

I can remember terrible headaches, pumped full of pain meds to try and take them away, sometimes it worked other times I was in horrible pain for days, until I would vomit, then my headache would cease.
I remember pulling out my hair when I had a headache, hoping it would stop the pain and I believe that is when I realized that creating more pain can actually replace a different pain.

I used to pull my hair out when I was angry, I have school pictures of me when I was in elementary school with small bald spots from pulling out my hair.
I would pull out my eyelashes, lock myself in the bathroom, run away from home, you name it, I did it to get out of my house.

I was a barbie doll to my mother, dressing me up and loading on the make up, being sent home from school in 5th grade because the teacher said that only hookers wear that much make up.
Wow, good thing to tell a student, NOT!

When someone tells you are are stupid, or not to act or talk so dumb, if you are insecure, or a young child wanting your parents to love and accept you, you believe them, you believe all those stories they tell you, you believe the limiting beliefs they give you.
Its almost difficult to be smart, do things that your parents are proud of when you think you are stupid, because you believe it, you wind up doing things that are stupid.

They are no judgments here, I am not saying that the things I did were stupid or dumb, its just not the best choices that would have helped me instead, they hurt me.
Things like, skipping school, running away from home, swearing at my parents, fighting with my parents, partying with groups of kids that didn't serve my young childhood needs, instead they only helped to lead me on a path of destruction of myself, teach me values that wouldn't benefit me at all.

its okay, its what happened, it has been a hard road but I am a work in progress. I am getting there a little more each day. Getting to where i need to be to feel like I am deserving of all things good and wonderful

Do I still struggle sometimes, do i wish that sometimes life just felt ok to me, yeah, I do.
Do I think that just maybe I am trying to fool myself into believing that I can be who i want, I can have all I want and do I want, yeah, I do.
but it always comes back to even if its not true, it doesn't matter, i will spend the rest of my life believing that I can, will and always have the life i want to live.
That I am living the life of my dreams alittle bit more each day and one day I will wake up and look back and say to myself, see, I told you gal, you did it, you got back up and now look at you, look at where you are, you are living the life of you dreams to the fullest, you now have all that you want, you do whatever you want, you are who you wanna be.

I wonder though, how does one get rid of limiting beliefs, how do I just banish them from my mind.
I do not want to feel bad for myself, feel anger toward my parents or anyone who i feel has steered me wrong.

I want to feel happy, feel good about who i am all the time, enjoy me, the real me and find out what makes me tick, what drives me wild and crazy?

I guess I am still carrying around some insecurities, still holding on to sadness and pain but its not mine to carry dammit! Its not my burden to hold onto.
I want to let it go once and for all, I want to be thrilled to wake up everyday instead of thinking, same shit different day. Most days I am thrilled to open my eyes when I wake up, but some days those sucjy feelings just want to stick in my head, its like they just want to torment me.

WTF is that all about?
I ask you Maryann to be kind and gentle on yourself, to be loving towards you, to speak to you softly, to forgive yourself and others that have hurt you.

Maryann, I know it hurt you, I know you suffered because of it, but through all that pain, they have taught you many things, you have learned to be different, to change the cycle and patterns,
to help build up the spirits of those you encounter.
You have learned that words matter, that being kind makes a difference, to keep calm and respond, not to react with harsh words or violence.

You learned that you can overcome anything that comes your way, that you can turn a sour relationship into something so sweet that you are happy to be with that person.

You have learned to use your hands for hugging, holding and giving.

Maryann, its okay that some days you feel crappy, I know you don't like it, bit please remember this, you are still learning, you must still embrace the thoughts that pass through your mind.
You no longer have to feel badly about who you are, what you have done and what you want from life, its okay and it will continue to get batter.

Think about this for a minute, there was a time when you hated everyone ounce of your being, when you couldn't stand to look at yourself in the mirror, you didn't want to accept yourself.

Now, you have those tools and most days you think about all the good things that happen in your life, you think about just how far you have come and know that you will go farther than you ever thought you would.

It really is all good. The people that we think have wronged us are doing their best with the information they have been giving too.
We all have something to learn from everyone we meet, our family and friends and people we see out and about.
They are all teachers, teaching us things we want to know, learn do and be.
The things that we think are not so good, or don't like, its our choice and we can change it.
Chane our minds, change our life!

Love who you are, no matter what, if its needed, forgive yourself and others.
Stop, look around, and be thankful for everything right now!

You, me and everyone else, we are all beautiful people journeying through life, finding our path.
Lets be kind to one another, share our unique gifts with the world and be grateful now!!!

until next time happy humans,
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Monday, November 8, 2010

ummmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah

so, what to write about, what to write about, ummmmmmmmmmm, what to write about, ya know what, I am feelin not so writey today, well, me intuition knows so I am outta here.......................

back at ya when i hear that voice that says, back to the blog gal!!!!
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yowza, that post below has some really big letters!!!

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Okay, I will, thank you very mucho!!!!

Ugh, oh no you won't, seriously, c'mon, you know you want to do things, so do them, oh, i see, okay, well, sometimes it is necessary for us to be able to have an out so that we can escape for a bit, if that is what you are doing, oh, you are, okay, then thats okie dokie with me, have a super fun time
escaping into a world of pure fun, lots of bubbles, loads of sparkles and lots and lots of yummers snacks and drinka ma bobs!!!!

I am outta here, zoink, zonk, ka blue eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hey you, over there

thats right cool cat, i am talkin to you. so lately I have been inspired to write much more than usual, a smidge in my journal, I seem to be writing in there and then tearing out the pages, ya know, its that darn inner critic, it just ain't happy unless its pickin my work apart. soooooooooooooo i say to you inner critic who likes to mess with me mind, buzz off, i do not need you, I do not want you and i certainly am happier without you buggin me.
bye bye baby bye bye.

why is it, that we must pick apart the things we do, sometimes to the point of NOT doing what we want at all. i guess its part of a conditioning that we are given when growing up and for some cotton pickin reason we thinks we need to keeps it.
yes, i am spelling differently and not using proper grammar, but thats just so that pesky inner critic knows i will no longer tolerate the bull that it wants me to hear.
I hear you no more, however, i still do love you as you are just doing your job but its time my friend for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the writing on the wall, enjoy all life has to offer, i mean for foxcreek ya know, life is so grand, there is no reason that we must succumb to the traps or any kind of negative bologna that our mind wants to feed us, i say to you hungry inner critic, me has no more food for you, starve you i must!

so tell me my lovelies, what have you been up to, are you writing, crafting, dreaming, loving, creating, living the life of your dreams, oh please do tell, I love to hear your stories of hope and inspiration, and do share those stories of sadness too my friend, the ones that keep you from doing what you love.
have no fear my pet, for where you want to be so shall you get.

take a moment, breath in and breath out, get to steppin and please oh pretty please, however small the step, take it, move in the direction of your dreams, you so deserve to have and be all that you desire!

well pretty people, thats it for now, me tired and sweepy, so off to beddy pie i go, goodnight to you and ever so sweetly dreams i wish you during your rest!


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so my friends, I am here to tell you life only gets better with time, I know, sometimes some really yucky things happen, but really, its all for a good reason, although we may not see it right away, we learn so much from all the good and bad experiences we have throughout our life.

in the mean time, if you are going through something that causes you some grief, sit with it for a bit, and know that it will all be okay, you are one great creature my friend, you are so beautiful, you are truly unique, you are talented, thoughtful, caring and compassionate.
here's the deal, right now, think about something that makes you feel happy, thats right, find it right now, that little happy thought that fills you up with giggles, smiles and sparkles a plenty!
the next time you feel down, think about those sparkles surrounding you taking you to the place of bliss!!

until next time my faboo friends,
I wish you oodles of happiness, tons of love, mountains of money and bunches of good health,

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

the message here is.....

stay true to you! don't let anyone say you are not beautiful! you are unique, you are one of a kind! perhaps you may or may not like the way i chose to send this message, but hey, that is what makes us all beautiful, we are free to express ourselves in any manner we see fit, as long as we don't hurt ourselves or others, so be true to yourself always and forever!!!


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Saturday, October 23, 2010

thinkin 'bout

things we used to do, c'mon, think about the things you used to do and crack that whip, now go do those things you used to do!!!


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as the day goes by.......

you just gotta click it, don't wait, click me now to awaken your ears to beautiful sounds....

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every once in awhile....

I feel like this and yet it pertains to only me, when I "go away" from myself, everything falls back into the place of a misguided, poor unfortunate soul. I don't quite know why or how this happens when I do everything in my power to remain positive but I have learned to accept this part of me and while I don't know yet how I fall into this trap, I do know that I will soon be very far away from this feeling. Something inside obviously wants me to acknowledge pain, and so I do, at some point all the pain will be gone!
Until that time, its okay, cry if you want, feel the sadness and know that somewhere inside of you, its okay to be sad sometimes and not know why, its all part of the great and wonderful transformation taking place, we can do this together!!!

Love you bunches,
P.S. Looking at this post and then the post below, ummmmmmmmmm, it would be appear to be bipolar, lol hey, it happens, some days we are so thrilled to be alive and other days we wonder what the heck is going on, shit happens 'eh!
Remember to be true to yourself, you are the only one who can make or break you!

P.P.S. aching to delete, (ya know the creepy fear monster is sayin, hey, you are gonna leave this post up, you are wide open for people to read this and think, uhhhhhh, who is the crackpot) I say to you creepy fear monster, piss off, you have no power over me!

P.P.P. S. Hi Mark, totally aware your reading this, lol

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Friday, October 22, 2010

You betchya!

Its time you feel victorious!!! <<<<<<<<<<-------------------- Click that link to the left, you just gotta hear that!!!!

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life list

My life list is always changing and growing You can make a life list too, check it out here!

Have a super day gals and guys,

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

ask and you shall receive....

I tell ya my friends, this is so true. I am so thankful for everything in my life. Yeppers, even the so called icky things that have come my way. Its all part of the big plan to live the life of my dreams and that is what makes it okay.
I keep looking back at what has transpired over this past year and i am in awe of seeing my own life change.
Never, never never, did I say never, did I think for one minute that I would be so into candles.
If you haven't checked out Scent-Sations, you must, I say you must check it out!
The opportunity presented itself in such a way that I had no idea it would be the opportunity of a lifetime. I was asked if I would be interested in checking out a candle company, what the heck I thought, sure why not.

A fabulous friend of mine from Curves in Hellertown told me about a home show she had attended over the weekend. She was blown away by a candle company that was set up there with a wonderful display of candles and career opportunities.

I was ready to sign up even before I went to the very first meeting, however, I wanted to check it out and see just what it was all about.
The meeting was informational for sure, it gave me inspiration to get out there and sell, recruit and build a team so that my team mates and I could build financial success beyond anything we had ever imagined.
Sometimes we get so caught up in living our lives that we forget that life is much simpler and can be lived with ease, comfort, health, wealth and happiness.
There is no reason that we must fight, struggle, endure pain, live without or even spend one minute trying to achieve success.
There is no trying, only doing, we must do the things we don't want to do so that we can get to where we want to be.
When I say do the things we don't want to do, I mean things like talk to people we never met about our business, do home parties, call and approach organizations about fundraising opportunities.
I say we must do the things we don't want to do because it is fear that keeps us from achieving our goals.
Fear keeps us from climbing all the way to the top where we so wish to be, it keeps us from living the life of our dreams and stops us in our tracks.
Well I say NO MORE, no reason at all why we should give in to fear, after all, that is what it wants, fear wants us to give in, back down, run and hide while fear itself is smiling right back into our eyes saying, I win, i win, I win.
NO WAY, not another day will fear win.

This time I WIN, I am moving forward, I am staring fear in the face and saying, you do not have power over me, you are no longer part of my life, you are outta here!

Say this with me faboo friends:
I am powerful
I am able
I can do this
I can achieve all that I desire
I am living the life of my dreams.

See that, it was easy right, okay, well, it is always easier said than done right, WRONG, change your belief system folks, say those words everyday and before you know it, the days, weeks, months and years will have gone by and the "old" you will be long gone.
The "new" you will have emerged into this great, loving, kind, compassionate human being that will be thrilled, happy, content, wealthy, and wise.
It takes but a moment to decide how we want to feel, let go of all the programming that has kept you stuck, its not your burden to carry.
It was someone else who told you those negative things and they had no idea that they would be helping to keep you from getting all that you want, feeling happy and living a glorious life.
Forgive them, forgive yourself, move on from this moment and feel all those awesome feelings that you deserve.

You have the right to feel good about you, now is the time.

I'm here if ya need me, just give a hoot or a holler.

P.S. I would love to have you on my team, together we could reach higher, move more mountains, achieve bigger goals and achieve financial success unlike anything we ever knew before!
Lets do it folks, lets become wealthy together. <-------------- After clicking the link to the left, click "join now" <------------- or just click me and you will be on your way to the top.
I look forward to having you on my team!!!!

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Goddess Allsorts: I Heart This Week

Goddess Allsorts: I Heart This Week
I just love this gal, check her out, she is full of great info, lots of inspiration and oodles of love!!!

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

business opportunity

I am so excited about my new business venture and I would love you to join my team. Everything comes to us just when we need it.

First off, the company has amazing natural wax gourmet candles, unlike anything out there. A fabulous line of natural mineral make up and now they just launched and natural anti aging line!!!!
Unbelievable products, I am so excited to share the products and the business opportunities with everyone!
You can sign up for free, buy wholesale, share with your friends and family and offer these great deals to them as well, if they are not interested its okay, don't take it personal, everyone has different needs and is interested in things we offer at different times of our life.
Just remember, you can have everything in life you want, no dream is too small or too big, you can live the life of your dreams, have all the money you desire to do all the things you choose!!!
Thats why I love Mia Bella products, its giving me the opportunity for financial freedom, I mean really, financial freedom, how amazing is that!

There are a few different ways you can achieve the financial success you want with Mia Bella products;
retail sales, fundraising and residual income. It doesn't get much easier folks, the products practically sell themselves!

Contact me, and you can get started putting cash in your pocket TODAY!!!!
You can read all about Scent- Sations Mia Bella products here.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

a new path

Well folks, things sometimes come our way that we didn't plan for, that we wanted and just didn't know it yet and manifested from a previous thought.

I was totally loving Ashtanga Yoga, however, my body decided it wasn't the right time. Its all good though!
I had some health stuff that needed to be taken care of and thats what my body was telling me so I am working on that and finding out that I must do things as my body allows.
I have recently been given a gift certificate for a healing class at the Gentle Spirit in Hellertown.
Jen is a wonderful teacher and I am enjoying "Movement as Medicine" with her and the other students participating.
I will still learn Astanga Yoga, but at a later date.
I also made an appointment for a healing with Jen at the Gentle Spirit, I am excited for my session.
I will tell you all about it and let you know just how energized and healthy I feel after my appointment!!!

Until then my faboo friends,
Live, love and laugh!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

on my way....

I am so excited about the wonderful things that are happening in my life right now. So many grand things are taking place. My honey is back at work, Yay!!!
I am taking a Yoga teachers course on Ashtanga style yoga, at LV Yoga.

I can hardly stand it that I have to wait. Its all good though, it starts on Sept 10 and I am ready.

Note to self:
Thank you for seeing me through any tough times, for helping guide me in the right direction and for giving me the ability to help myself, life truly is a blessing and I am thankful to be living during these wondrous times!

until next time happy humans, I wish you oodles of love, baskets of riches, oceans full of happiness and all the good health to live the life of your dreams!!!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

a great read....

"Meat is for Pussies" is an awesome book!
Yes, it was meant for manly reading but I loved it anyway. I am enjoying reading about others on a journey through life living a vegan lifestyle. It seems I just can't get enough info these days about eating vegan and vegetarian.
It's been a few months that I began this journey and my life is changing in so many wonderful ways. I am eating foods that I never thought would sit upon my plate. Whole grains was once a no no to me, not because it was healthy but because it just didn't taste well at the time. Its amazing how once the mind becomes open to new things, how different, delicious and satisfying something becomes.
There is no going back to an animal consumption way of life.

1. I feel better
2. I am not eating the pain and suffering of any creature
3. My body is changing in so many positive and beautiful ways
4. I am learning new things everyday
5. I am food shopping with a purpose
6. I am helping myself
7. I am helping the planet
8. I am healing from the inside out
9. I am becoming more powerful each day
10. (the most important of all) I am practicing what I preach

until next time my faboo friends,
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Friday, July 23, 2010

and so it goes....

its been some time happy humans since we last chatted, how are things in your world???
oh beautiful ones, listen to what calls to you, hear the sounds of love flow through you, allow the feelings to take you away to places you never thought you would wander. life is offering us so many grand and wondrous things, abundance is everywhere, it is our for the taking, ask and it will come, the universe hears our voice, we are ready to take our life to the next level so that we can live the life of our dreams, its always been there for us, its always been there for you, you can do it faboo friend, you can have whatever you wish for.

don't settle for anything, its not within your rights to have not, but within your rights to have, to hold and to treasure, you are a great creature, you have a beautiful soul, you and only you can be your best self, never try to be someone else for trying to be someone else will always keep you from everything you deserve.
Always remember this, I have always loved you and I will always love you, for without you my life would not be the same.
You matter to me and you matter to the rest of the world, step up and share your unique gifts and talents with all, surrender your fears, let go of anger and hate, now, right now allow love into your heart and your life will forever be filled with mountains of goodness and feelings of serenity!!!


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Monday, May 24, 2010

this is it, my dream come true.....

ok, so here is the scoop....
I want to live in a magical cottage, yeppers, that's right a magical cottage.
My family is on board with this as well. We would love to live in the country and be close to all the natural wildlife, grow all of our own goodies and just wake up to the birds singing and the soft kisses from the sun.

We want to stay in the Saucon Valley School District.
We need 3 bedrooms, at least 1 bath, and the usual, kitchen, living room, without or without a dining room, a portion of wooded lot, (for exploring the forest, treasure hunting, magic treehouses and gathering treats for the garden fairies and gnomes of course)
We have a dog and 4 cats and we would love room to roam, my girls want to have dirt bikes, 4 wheelers.
If you know of such a Magical Cottage that is in the Saucon Valley School District that is available to rent or rent with option to buy or for sale, by all means my faboo friends, let me know!!!

Until next time happy humans,

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and the feeling continues...

so I started a vegan diet on April 11, 2010. Let me tell ya, I am still feeling great! loving all the new foods I am tasting and enjoying life so much more!
I have had stomach issues in the past and sometimes running to the bathroom was a regular occurrence. Not fun, but without meat and animal by products, no more stomach aches, no more running to the bathroom and feeling all crampy. I can focus in a way that I never knew I could and I feel like a million dollars, the best part of all this feeling so good is me gettin my skinny on too. yay! I am down to a 7/8, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!

Its only been a few weeks, wow, imagine that, how great a person can feel by just changing their diet. Its true folks, ya gotta try it, I am going through so many wonderful things and this new way of eating is so transformational, it is leading me into many different areas that I never thought I would explore, like caring for the planet, don't get me wrong, I don't litter or burn toxic trash, I do recycle, but i never truly cared about the earth so to speak. like taking it for granted, thinking that it will be here forever, and whether or not it will isn't the point, I am here now, and I need to do my part.
I am more in tune with nature, when i step outside, i feel like a part of the earth, like it cares about me too.
This may sound odd but I feel like I am seeing things differently, i even think twice now before squashing a bug, LOL
I still am a bit freaked out by them but I just go about my business and they go about their's.

My sense of touch has been completely reawakened, its like I feel the textures and think about them more.

I don't really know how to explain all this, just that it feels wonderful. The grass on my feet. (I have always been a barefoot kinda gal) but now it feels so good to step into the grass. now I actually feel the grass tickling my toes, the coolness of the grass and it just feels so amazing,

I am so glad that I have chose this route, I am in love with myself for the very first time and it is faboooooooooooo. its totally rewarding and i don't feel selfish taking care of me.

i am beautiful, you are beautiful, we are all part of this great big, oh so abundant planet that provides us with all the goodness we want.

Go outside, take a deep breath, feel the air, the sun kissing your face, a cool breeze that gently blows and find out what native plants grow in your area. i went out this morning, picked some of the dandelions that grow all over my yard, and I will be sauteing them with olive oil, garlic and a sprinklin of unrefined sea salt for dinner, along with tabbouleh, and a salad, mmmmmmmmmmmm, yummers in my tummy!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

by far the most boring blog post ever.... ummmmmmmmmm NOT

so lately I have been wondering what kind of exciting things I could write about and it turned out that I was thinking that I wasn't doing anything exciting. Then it hit me, are ya kiddin, you are not doing anything exciting, well that is simply just not fair I say, not fair at all, who are you to decide if what you are doing is exciting enough for you to post about.
Thats when I realized, my life is exciting, every fantastical little juicy detail about my life is exciting.
The life I share with my family and friends is filled with juicy details that I can share all the time.

So what has been going on you ask, well alot, alot of things are changing n my life and I am just so happy about it.

A couple weeks ago I learned of a show called Food Inc. and it has totally changed my life, and not just my way of eating, my way of thinking has changed, my actions and outlook toward life have changed.
Who would have thought that changing my eating would spark a whole new life for me, well, not me, thats for sure.
I never would have thought that my life would change in so many wonderful ways.

Eating veggies, fruits, grains, beans and nuts, wow, what a difference a day make 'eh?

Can I just say, woweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I am one lucky gal, I have a wonderful family, a boat load of super duper friends and all things wonderful are coming my way.

My honey is at a job interview, I am creating lots of new soaps, making collages, writing and exercising in a whole new light.

My advice for the day is....
If you want to be successful in life, all you must do to reach your full potential is.........
(drumroll please)
Thats it, wake up to the beauty that is inside of you, feed your body, mind and soul all the wonderful goodies that are out there ready for you to grab.
I am not saying you must eat meat and dairy free, nopers, I am saying find out what makes you feel good, the food that you need to fuel your body and then your mind and soul will then get on board.

You will see just how amazing you really are, all the unique gifts that you possess and you will be on top of the mountain in no time at all!
I am also not talking just food here either, seek out the info you want to learn about, read, watch and listen to things that make you feel full of life, enjoy who you are right now, RIGHT NOW, no more waiting, get the lead out already and move in the direction of your dreams, I don't care if it is a teeny weeny step, take it dammit, and take it now!!!

Your life is wating for you to show up, answer that darn door and run wild and free, let your freak out, test your senses, smell, touch and look at things in a way you never did before.
Right now my sense of touch is a bit crazy, lol
I seem to want to feel things, to really feel things, like the couch for instance, it feels cold, smooth, if I press down it feels hard, if I press lightly, it tickles my fingertips, I can feel tiny grooves, its smooth yet bumpy, there is ridges where the arm rest meets the seam, as I said, I am touching all kinds of things and really feeling them, its alot of fun too!
Give it a whirl, go touch something, go smell something, go eat something, just do something allow yourself to feel so damn good you just gotta smile about it for hours and hours!!

I love me, I love you and I love the earth that feeds my body mind and soul!

Huggle wuggles happy humans,

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wanted - Country living

A call to the universe

Wanted - Country Living, Farmhouse, Farmette, House in the Country

We are interested in living a simpler life, please see ad below.

My family and I would love to live in the country, a nice farmhouse, farmette or country house would be great.
We are willing to do yard and home maintenance in exchange for rent free living or reduced rent.
Rent with option to buy would be awesome.
We would love to have a few chickens, perhaps goats and maybe a couple sheep.
We have 1 dog and 4 cats.We would like to stay in the Saucon Valley School District.

My desire is to one day hold retreats with like minded people learning about natural ways of living. Creative thinking groups and artist retreats as well.
Yoga classes, inner healing and sustainable living etc...

If you have a place that you would like to offer to my family, please email me: or comment me here and I will be thrilled to chat with you about it.

Namaste good friend!

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and the visions continue....

Last week I had another one of my visions about someone dying.
I have this feeling that something is going to happen to someone and then their life will end. It is never about the person I am having it about.
It doesn't matter what I am doing, there is no specific thing that I can pin point it too and I have yet to be able to bring something like this on at will, at least not that I am aware of anyway.

Here is what happened:
Mark and I were in the car and we were running some errands, all of a sudden I get this feeling that something isn't right, that someone is going to die, I won't mention who it was about just because it kind of gives me the creeps, but anyway, I am feeling like someone is going to die in an odd way, meaning, not a heart attack or illness, it was going to be an accidental death so to speak.
Well yesterday I get a call from my Aunt and my great Uncle had died last week as a result of a fall.

I am becoming more aware as these things continue, I can't say that I would want to know who it is about when I get these feelings but then again, I don't like not knowing either.

oooooooooo, epiphany, (love these) As I write this I realize its time I accept this gift I have and if I am to get the actual events of the person it pertains too, its okay, I am willing to know the information.

Until next time happy humans,
may your life be filled with oodles of goodness, lots of love, mountains of money so that you can pay all your bills and do all the things that you desire!


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

think it, feel it, be it

so often we think negative thoughts about ourselves and others, it doesn't help us in any way, it doesn't help those who we think negative thoughts about either.
It's time to change our minds. It's time to be "the skinny" we wish to see in the world.
We all have had or still have at times, excess baggage. Whether it be emotional, physical or tangible items in our living space.
It's time to let go of all that holds us back and the time is NOW!

If you want to be skinny, (and this means whatever you want it too, not just about the number on the scale)
Skinny may mean to you:
ridding yourself of stress
decluttering your home
losing weight etc...
For me it has a few meanings, I am in declutter mode lately, and I am on a journey to be the healthiest me I can be and in doing so, I will shed excess baggage, which in turns means, emotional, physical and tangible items.

Get your skinny on pretty people and feel good about yourself today, start right now and feel just how beautiful you really are inside and out.

C'mon faboo friends, "Let's get Skinny"

P.S. Remember to laugh wildly, be kind and gentle to yourself, share your unique gifts and talents with the world, love the real you and an abundance of all things wonderful will always be yours!!!


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Friday, April 9, 2010

most of you know...

that I had health issues in the past and due to medications I was on i gained about 60 pounds, well, it was not one of my happier moments, I might add.
However, I have been shedding some weight here and there although it was still a struggle for me up until recently and by that I mean that past month.
I was orgially 182 around Jan 2009, had gone down to 160 and somehow went back up to 169, well, let it be known, I am now at 158, yahoo, I have gotten past the 160 mark that I had been so wanting for awhile now.

I am eating well and exercising and loving life. I am so excited that just thinking about it, gives me chills!!!
Its true my friends, you can have everything in life you want, go for it. I am on my way back to my skinny me and I am loving it!!

until next time my faboo friends,
love yourself, be happy and get out there and live your life,
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

oh so soapy

I love crafting with glycerin soap. The possibilities are endless. Check out this gal at Lets get Soapy, she has some wonderful tutorials and recipes in her new issue of "Lets Get Soapy"
Have fun soap crafting!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

hear my call...

Howdy everyone,

I hope you are all having a glorious day!!!
We all know that visualization helps to bring about our deepest desires, so why not use a tool to bring money right to you. There is enough for you and you and you and you and me too. All you need to do is click on the money below, print it out and hang it up wherever you can see it regularly to remind yourself that you are deserving of all the money you wish, to remind yourself how fortunate you are to have all the money you want and to remind yourself that you are capable of manifesting all your desires, dreams and happiness that is yours for the asking!
I wish you oodles of success, tons of happiness, mountains of money and great health all my faboo friends!


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

and so I met Mr. Giggle Bubbles

Dear Mr. Giggle Bubbles,

Thank you for coming to visit me yesterday. It was one of the best moments of my life. The laughing, tears of joy, and sharing, what a delight.
I am so thankful that we had the chance to get to know one another and perhaps, next time, Mrs. Giggle Bubbles will be able to join us.
I would love to interview you and get your thoughts on your "Method To My Madness" system.

Enclosed you will find available time slots that I have open for us to get together.

Again, I would love to thank you for coming to visit, filling me full of laughter and the biggest giggle bubbles that I have ever had.

Until next time,
Keep on Livin, laughin and lovin!
: )

Times available for interview:
Monday - Anytime
Tuesday - Anytime
Wednesday - Anytime
Thursday - Anytime
Friday - Anytime
Saturday - Anytime
Sunday - Anytime

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Dear Maryann,

It too was my pleasure to visit with you. The moments we shared laughin were also one of my best experiences yet.
Oh yes, that would be fantastic, Mrs. Giggle Bubbles would love to come to our next get together. She wants me to tell you that she is very excited and can't wait to visit.
I am honored that you would like to interview me, what a treat this will be for me to share with you my methods.

You can say that obviously this interview was supposed to take place as I just so happen to have an opening on the same day that you are available to conduct an interview.

See you in a few!
Thanks so much,
Mr. Giggle Bubbles

Interview with Mr. Giggle Bubbles - Saturday - March 20, 2010 - 10:2o am

Good morning everyone. Thank you for joining us. Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Giggle Bubbles.

Me- Hi Mr. Giggle Bubbles, thank you for coming

Mr. G - Hi Maryann, your welcome, thank you for having me.

Me- So tell me Mr. Giggle Bubbles, what is it that has you so full of laughter?

Mr. G - Well its simple really, life is full of wonderful things, happy moments and so much joy. Of course there are things in the world that can provide us with sadness and anger, but through the mist of it all we must find the good in our lives. Laugh as aften as we can and see the beauty everywhere. Live alittle and step outside of the rat race that we can get so caught up in.

Me- Ah yes, how true, so often we get inside our heads and can't see past the anger and we forget just how easy it is to see the good in people, to see the good in ourselves and forget just how great laughing really feels.
Do you agree that laughter should be part of our lives everyday?

Mr. G - Oh yes, most definitely, laughter of course is the best medicine.

Me - I would love to ask you about your product, your system that you swear by that will give us the insight to feel fantastic at any moment we so choose.

Mr. G - "Method of my Madness" came about a few years ago when I was struggling with some issues that had been keeping me from enjoying life. Yes, I was stuck in a rat race and I had to find a way to dig myself out of. "Method to my Madness" was born.
There is but one trick, one solution, only one step needed that we must take in order for this system to work for each of us.
It takes but a moment, just a second to get started and from there it fills your whole being and your done, that's it, voila, you will have then mastered the technique.

Me - Oh Mr. Giggle Bubbles, the suspense is killing me, please do tell, I would love to have the power to fill my entire being with such delight at the moment of my choosing.

Mr. G - Well Maryann, if you say you are ready, then reveal the secret I shall.
First let me say this. You have the power my dear, oh yes you do, it has just been dormant for a long time, you already possess the power to make this happen, and that is what makes my program so simple, we all have the power to implement this into our lives.
That being said, this is what you will need to do in order to have the "Method to your own Madness"

When your feeling down, sad, blue, angry, hurt, fearful, confused, embarrassed, scared or any other feelings that are keeping you from feeling good both physically and mentally.
All I ask is that you raise up your head, look up and smile anyway, that is it, just smile anyway, think about how great it feels to feel good and your done.
It doesn't get any easier, again, all you have to do is look up when you have feelings that you want to get rid of.

I would ask though however, that when practicing this technique you remember just how perfect you are, just how unique, beautiful and intelligent you really are, see yourself for the amazing individual that you have become and give yourself the freedom to be you.

Me - Oh my Mr. Giggle Bubbles, that is easy, my goodness, how truly delightful it is to know that we possess the power to feel good, to bask in our own happiness and share that with all the world. Spread smiles like never before, give love like we never have before. Mr. Giggle Bubbles, I want to thank you for sharing your insight, you truly are a special person.

Mr. G - Your welcome Maryann, I am thrilled to help and to share with you all I have learned in life, that true happiness is ours for the taking, we just have to allow it into our hearts and into our heads.

Me - this concludes my interview with Mr. Giggle Bubbles, thank you for joining us.

Until next time,
Be you and have a blast doing it!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

I am grateful for...

my bed for it gave me a place to rest
my coffee maker as it provided me with a yummy cup of java
my bathroom because I do not have to use an outhouse

today I am feeling like its time to be grateful for all those things that I am often annoyed with, its time to change the way I look at those things

I am grateful
for all the noise in my house because it means I can hear
for dishes that accumulate in the sink because it means I am capable of washing them
for the laundry that accumulates because it means I have a washer and dryer to use
for the fuzz on the carpet because I am capable of vacuuming
for the empty toilet paper roll that always needs replacing because it means I have legs to walk for a new roll
for all the things that annoy me because it means I have feelings and am capable of finding the good in everything

Today I would like you to know that I love you, you know who you are and you know you wanted to hear it, so take this in, I love you always and you matter to me now and forever!!!


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

write everyday, thats the plan

so often I get carried away doing other things and it keeps me from writing.
but if I wanted to write, other things wouldn't get in the way.
I have found out many things about myself over the past few months, things that surprised me, things that taught me and things that I wanted to change.

it's all good, it always is, we are where we are supposed to be at all times, if we really truly wanted to be somewhere else, doing something else, we would be.
but that's where it can get tricky, yeah, we would be doing others things if we really wanted to however, we let ourselves get in the way.

I have often stepped on my own feet just to keep me from succeeding at things. I have made excuses for doings things other than what I wanted to do, why, why you ask, hmmmmmmmmm, the answer is this.

FEAR, its what keeps me and anyone else in the world stuck, that's it, those 4 letters can keep someone from being their best, doing their best and being the person they want to be.

It comes from very early on, we become conditioned because of someone else beliefs and adopt them for our own.
Now, c'mon, does that make sense, not to me, at least not anymore.

We do not have the right to carry on someone else's belief, it was their;s and it belongs to them give it back.
We can not and will not ever be able to be someone else, so why should we believe what they hold for their truth.

For instance, my mother didn't like driving on the highway, so guess what, you got it, i don't like driving on the highway, she didn't like it because there was so many cars and everyone was going so fast and it was too confusing, etc.......

so now its up to me to let go of her fear and get on the highway, I know i can do it, and yep, i am alittle bit scared, not sure why though really, where does the actual fear feeling come in at.
i never crashed on the highway, never knew anyone that was involved in something tragic on the highway, so why does this fear exist?

My guess is it's all learned behavior, we learn how to be afraid, be courageous, be scared and to be brave.

I guess what happens to some kids is that their mothers are just so loaded with fear, they think they are protecting their children but really, their are giving them reasons to be afraid and i am done.

I do not want to be afraid of anything.
Its okay to be cautious, no need to run in the street into oncoming traffic, yeah, that doesn't make sense, so we are cautious about it, we look both ways, and cross when the traffic is gone.

So, its my life and i am taking it back, life is a wondrous gift that we are given, we are lucky everyday that we wake up and the sun greets us with its presence.

Fear has no place in this world, it only keeps us stuck and insecure!
I want to experience all life has to offer, see the world, travel to far away places and meet new people.
I want my books published.
I want my skin care business to become so big that I need to hire others to help me keep stock on the shelves, ship out orders and lend their creativity so we can all learn from each other.
I want to live in a bigger house
I want my children to be filled with so much happiness that they are confident and succeful in all areas of their life.
I want my husband to experience all life has to offer.
I want him to have all that he desires.

I want all these things and I will not be afraid to go after them, I am taking steps everyday in the direction of my dreams!Writing everyday is one of those steps!
Until next time,
I wish you oodles of happiness, lots of love to share with family and friends and may all your dreams come true!!!

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