Saturday, June 13, 2009

My dream home...

Hello happy humans!
This is it, this is my house, I can smell the bacon and eggs cooking in my breakfast room, my bare feet on my hardwood floor, the smell of the flowers that waft through the air into my kitchen window. I can hear the deer walking to my fruit trees to get their morning breakfast, oh yes my friends, this house is mine! Soon I will be sending out invitations from my new address to people everywhere to enjoy a fire that burns oh so brightly and love and laughter fill the air, a delight for all of my family and friends, see you soon my lovelies as I welcome you into my new home!

And remember this, you are a very magical soul and you too have the power to have all that you want and be all that you can be, never settle for less because you deserve all that you desire!!!

Just as I know, somehow, someway the money will come to me for my new home as long as I believe, and let me tell ya, I believe it, yes I do and with every inch of my being I know this house will be mine!

What are you manifesting???
Please do tell, I would love to include you in my daily visualizations to help you manifest all that you desire!

Happy day to you all!

1 comment:

Debbie said...

I love this house. I want to be invited over for breakfast!!!! I know someday kt will be yours!!!
Love ya........