Tuesday, November 18, 2008

shake things up a bit

I am always compiling lists of things to do and see while having oodles of fun.

1. go for a walk and pick up a few things you find, glue them into your journal or make a collage

2. take pictures of items that have the same shape (i.e. heart shaped rocks, shadows and leaves etc..)

3. listen to music you never heard before, notice what you think about while listening to the new sounds

4. use crayons to write your notes for the day

5. make a piece of jewelry out of paper and wear it all day long

6. write a love letter to yourself

7. draw on a piece of paper with your eyes closed

8. find a stick outside and turn it into something you can use (i.e. magic wand, writing instrument, cooking utensil, hair clip, back scratcher, walking stick, mobile, talking stick etc...)

9. use string, glue and a food products, maybe dried beans, rice, noodles, nuts, make a picture, plaque, greeting card etc..., display it proudly!!!

10. make your own lip balm (1 tablespoon bee's wax, 3 tablespoons sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil, even olive oil can be used, melt together, add some flavor oil or peppermint oil for a cool tingly lip balm treat)

11. treat yourself to something yummy, (i.e. foods, beverages, clothes, art and craft supplies, a luxurious bath, something you have been wanting to do but have been putting off, get up and treat yourself today)

12. make your own list of fun, wacky and wild things to do, get started today and have fun while exploring your wildest dreams and pleasing all your senses

13. have dinner with a friend, spouse or yourself by candlelight

14. congratulate yourself on a job well done!!!

15. try using a pendulum if you think you are stuck for an answer, you may be amazed at how accurate a pendulum is

alrighty happy humans, I am off to do my own exploring, have a faboo day my lovelies!
toot a lou

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