Monday, April 14, 2008

All kinds of goodies

So many great books out there!

I got it, I finally got it.
Making memory books and journals by hand! Woohoooooooooooo, fabulous artwork and so creative.
You can take a look at this book here.

I watched a smidgen of a show called "I Can Make You Thin", have you seen this yet?
I want to learn more about this so I am gonna spend some time today reading the info at his website.

So much is going on in that wonderful series "The Tudors".
That man sure was a wild one!!!

I frequently check out artists blogs and websites, what fun and so inspiring.
I found this site while visiting another and I soooooooooooooo want to make these and drop them all over!

This site is a riot and they have some pretty nifty ideas for making stuff.

Now, here is a site that everyone should frequent. You can print posters for free, free I tell ya.
Motivational, inspirational, educational, holy hubba, what a fantastic site to print all those sayings, quotes and humorous writings for you to hang up all around your house!!!
I love this kinda stuff!!!

My all time fav quote is "Just for Today..."

Well my friends, it's off to Cleanville, gotta get the dropped stuff picked up and the picked up stuff put away!
Lots of soap to make and perhaps some bath whip and more lip balm. One can never have toooooooooooo much lip balm!

tootles pretty people!
: )

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