Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh so soapy

Good day my fantastic friends!!!

Quite a day I had yesterday, make a wish and you betchya, you are gonna be granted that wish, so expect it!!!

Here's the scoop:
So there I am, puttin melt and pour soap in my melting pot cuz I am making soap rocks, What was that, what are soap rocks, well, let me finish this and then I will tell ya all about those.

Okay, my first batch of soap rocks are in their little cups a hardenin away, so I wash out the melter and add some more soap base, hmmmmmm,
I got time for a quick chat on the phone, right,
you bet your britches I do, HELLO, who wouldn't have time to gab, gab and gab some more.

Well, I put the melter on warm, since it was done melting and I figured, what the hexagon, I am in a chatty mood, I am gonna keep on runnin at the mouth,
and hour later (possibly two), that's right, a long time I was gabbin, LOL
and I decide, hey, why not take a walk into the kitchen and a start making more soap rocks,

HOLY SHIZNITZ, what the friggin holla mazoo happened, the pot is boiling over, yowza, soap all over the table, the floor, the chairs,
it's a fricken fountain of youth just spewing out all over, welllllllllllllllll, my kitchen sure did get a cleaning, that's for sure, LOL

What a soapin sudsy mess, I know, you are wondering, well how the helium could that have happened when it was on warm right, oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that's right, I didn't push the button all the way, it was still on MELT, (me and my gabbin)
soooooooooooooo, minus 5 pounds of soap base later, a lovely afternoon chat session and big 'ole mess, I am doing peachy keen anyway, LOL

Oh, I almost forgot, soap rocks, well, I make these soaps in dixie cups with all kinds of different colors and mineral mica and when they harden I hand cut them and they look like gemstones, fun, very time consuming, and oh so worth it in the end!!!

So what was my wish your asking?
A couple of weeks ago I said to myself, (as I sometimes have these conversations with me),
"One of these days I wanna give the kitchen a good cleaning, a sparkley spic and span kinda clean"
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shiitake mushrooms, my wish was granted, there I was talkin on the phone all the while the universe said, hmmmmmmmm, she wants to talk on the phone while she should not leave this soapy stuff unattended, how about we give her the opportunity to clean the kitchen really really good.
Voila, wish come true, perfect way to get that kitchen cleaned don't ya think, oh the goings on in my little world of cooky hoopla!!!
And that's the story folks, it's not "be careful what you wish for" no siree, it's "make a wish and expect to get it"

tootles lovely humans!!!
: )


Tina said...

Great story, Maryann. I love your descriptive play on words. You are one of a kind in a beautiful way. Too funny! Your soap rocks are beautiful. I still have my amythyst from a couple years ago at the LPS swap. Maybe I should collect them all. Do you make Emeralds? Amythysts and Emeralds on my bathroom counter sound like a good idea! Bless you for your positive look on life. We need more of you around.

Maryann said...

Thank you Tina!!!
Your are just the sweetest thang my dear!
Hmmmmmm, funny you ask about Emerald soap rocks, I was thinkin about that over the weekend. I will be making some this week, I'll post a pic of the finished ones on LP&S and if you email me your address, I will pop you one in the mail, you surely need another one so your other soap rock isn't lonely!!!

Thank you so much for your lovely compliments Tina, you too ya know are one of a kind sweetie!

Huggle wuggles to you my friend!!!