Monday, March 17, 2008

My quest for books

I want to read, read and read some more.
Chase's Calendar of Events book is faboo, everyday is a holiday, how cool is that, all the more reason to celebrate everyday!

The Secret, wow, the law of attraction is always at work, gotta love it!
I really enjoy The Four Agreements, my daughter Katie is also lovin this book right along side with me, she really likes it and at 10 years old, she is quite the amazing kid.

Monday Matters is quite an eye opener for me, it lists so many little things that you can start doing to make a difference right now! Good things do come in small packages and every little bit really does help!

I love The Green Book, so many resources for living a more greener life, reduce, reuse, recycle!
While leaving a smaller footprint you also open yourself up to the many new creations you are capable of when you "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle".

I am wanting more books, The Nine Modern Day Muses- 10 guides to creative inspiration for artists, poets, lovers and other mortals wanting to live a dazzling existence, by Jill Badonsky.

Making Memory Books and Journals by Hand- by Kristina Feliciano, Jo Lethaby, and Jason Thompson.

Smart Soapmaking: The simple guide to making traditional handmade soap quickly, safely, reliably or how to make luxurious handcrafted soaps for family, friends and yourself- by Anne L. Watson.
You can never have to many soapmaking books!

Always remember - If you want to see beauty, all you have to do is look at something, someone, anything and everything, it's already there, now notice it!


Cindy said...

Maryann, how did I miss that you were blogging? I'll put a link on my blog to yours. A great book series that I just read (rather listened to) is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. Its very romantic and touches on healing herbs. A very fun read.
Cindy Jones

Maryann said...

Hey Cindy,

This is so bazaar. I was sitting here reading my email and then I thought,I wonder if anyone on group knows I have a blog, bam bam, you found it,

Thanks for putting my link on your's. love that! I thought I had both your links on mine and when I just took a peak, I only found your blog link, guess I was too excited about blogging, LOL

Thanks for the book recommendations, I will go take a look see right now!
: )