Friday, January 4, 2008

Totally Motivated

For the past couple days I have been so inspired to create with things from my backyard.
I made a couple trees to hang my paper ornaments.
I hot glued some branches to a flat rock and they look like little trees, very cute. I love having a place to hang little things I create with paper, ribbons, buttons, whatever I can find at the moment. It is alot of fun to just make something and not know what form it is going to take. I had no idea at first that I would make the trees, and before I knew it, I had a nice place to display other little trinkets.
I glued rocks on top of each other and it turned out to be a fun experiment too. It is really helping me to get ideas of what to start writing about. It's time to work, although I still have some of those random thoughts so I might as well get them out of my head so I can get busy.

1. Should I get rid of television? I am really thinking about this, it might be nice to go without it for awhile.
2. Are the potato pancakes burning? (it smells like it) LOL
3. Hmmmmmmm, tea, what kind of tea today?
4. Wishing for snow.
5. I just love the snow, especially getting snowed in, it's so much fun to be surrounded by a lovely white blanket.
6. What to have for dinner? (whatever it is, I gotta make it, LOL)
7. The day flew by today, not even sure where all that time went.
8. Keeping some of these thoughts to myself, LOL

Quote for the day
"You can do it"

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