Sunday, January 27, 2008

So many creations

I have been making so many things, I am loving it!
I made a purse with scraps of fabric and pieces of a coffee bag. It looks like a nice patchwork quilt.
Lots of collage's, this is my favorite thing to play with, paper and glue, what more do you need in this world, LOL
I filled my wish jar with lots of wishes and it amazes me just how many come true when you least expect it too and that is always a nice surprise.
Lots of sewing, making quilt squares and when I get a bundle I will sew them together to make a quilt for my bed.

Coloring, how I love coloring, colored pencils is my first choice to make my own set of inspirational cards.
When I need a little inspiration and motivation, I pick one of my cards randomly and it always picks me up.

It's like playing all day and I am having a blast, especially with the kids, they are having so much fun too.
They like to create just as much as I do so if you can imagine all the "stuff" that accumulates on the table while we are making things, yowza, and the bits of paper, some falls on the floor and gets stuck to the cat, LOL it doesn't hurt the kitty, but sometimes the cat looks like a walking collage.
Today I feel like making a macaroni necklace, I'll post pics of all the creations I have been making and I hope you too can get inspired to create and play!

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